5 Largest Fictional Lotto Jackpots From Film And Television

Thursday, August 11 by

Even in Hollywood, the jackpots aren’t as high as last night’s Powerball.

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Dreamworks Slowly, But Confidently, Walks Away From Fuqua’s ‘Southpaw’

Thursday, August 11 by

On the upside, this should free up Fuqua to attach himself to many, many new projects.


Barefoot Bandit Is Going To Make More Money Than You

Thursday, August 11 by

Perhaps he can now afford shoes.


Netflix Instant Distractions Of The Week

Thursday, August 11 by

Camcorders, hippies, and a homeless vigilante.


Bryce Dallas Howard

Thursday, August 11 by

Bryce Dallas Howard is Hilly Holbrook in ‘The Help.’

Spider-Man And ‘The Room': Together At Last

Thursday, August 11 by

You are tearing me apart, Gwen Stacy!


Cinemax Prepping Coolest Amish Show Ever With Alan Ball

Thursday, August 11 by

Beards. Will. Fly.

Watermelon Death Star

Thursday, August 11 by

Very refreshing on a hot summer day.


David Yates Heads West For ‘The Stand’

Thursday, August 11 by

This will make Contagion’s super-flu look like the mumps.

Good help is so hard to find...

Is ‘The Help’ Lawsuit Complete B.S.?

Wednesday, August 10 by

Maybe, but not necessarily.


Links Away: John Stamos Teaches You How To Cuddle

Wednesday, August 10 by

The man is an expert. Take notes.

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W…T…F?: The ‘Harold And Kumar Christmas’ Trailer

Wednesday, August 10 by

There’s a lot of stuff going on here. You best just take it all in and not ask any questions

AdiĆ³s Amigo!

9 Talk Shows That Crashed And Burned Faster Than ‘Lopez Tonight’

Wednesday, August 10 by

Lopez was bad, but not this bad.


Morgan Freeman To Drop The Curtain In ‘Now You See Me’

Wednesday, August 10 by

A good Morgan Freeman always reveals his tricks.

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‘World War Z’ Plot Revelation: It’s Not Really Like The Book At All

Wednesday, August 10 by

For starters, I don’t remember Brad Pitt being in the book…at all.