When you stare into the abyss, The Talking Dead stares back at you.

‘The Talking Dead’ Is Even More Pointless Than My Existence

Sunday, October 16 by

When you stare into the abyss, The Talking Dead stares back at you.


Marvel Releases Info On Phase 2 Of The ‘Avengers’ Initiative

Sunday, October 16 by

Still not sure what they’re avenging, though.


WB Wants Matt Reeves To Step Into … ‘The Twilight Zone’

Saturday, October 15 by

Hope he can get the hang of those whip-pans.

Links Away: The 1980’s ‘Thing’ Was Bad Ass

Friday, October 14 by

Get Your Tug On With “The Tug Toner” (Video) (TotalProSports)

8 Sexy Guinness World Records (GuySpeed)

Hot Chick Deep-Throating A Banana (GorillaMask)

Identity of Joe Son’s Alleged Murder Victim… (CagePotato)

10 Most Downloaded Movies Of All Time (FilmDrunk)

9 Cartoons That Need A Reboot (Smosh)

Fred Durst’s New Sitcom (Holytaco)

Mandy Moore Naked Photo Leaked? (NSFW) (CelebJihad)

A Gallery of Real Life Angry Birds (Unreality)

I Wouldn’t Mind Working Out With Her (DoubleViking)

Woman Accused Of Calling Ex-Boyfriend 1,000 Times (SocialHype)

‘The Adventures of Tintin:’ John Williams’ Score (SlashFilm)

Night of Terror #13: ‘The Thing’ (31Nights)

Kellie Pickler and the Hottest Babes of 90210 (MadeMan)

Let’s Hear It For Kevin Chang (Ehowa)

What are President Clinton’s top songs? (PopCandy)

Derek Jeter’s 3,000 Hottest Girlfriends (ModernMan)

Julianne Hough Has One Rockin’ Body (Maxim)

It’s Corgi Friday! (WarmingGlow)

30 Awesome PC Case Mods (Gamefront)

Crime Mimes, Don Gato, And Penis Enlargement (TuVez)

Red Sox Implosion Gets A Taiwanese Animation (BarstoolSports)

Kenny Loggins is Footloose (FunnyorDie)


Paranormal Activity 3

Friday, October 14 by

Director: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman Cast: Katie Featherston, Sprague Grayden, Lauren Bittner Synopsis: In 1988, young sisters Katie and Kristi befriend an invisible entity who resides in their home. Release Date: October…

Just realized how old that tape on his hand is. Gross, Iceman!

‘Top Gun 2′ Has Some Writers, But No Word On The Story

Friday, October 14 by

I’m hoping they re-imagine the volleyball scene by making it less gay. Or more gay. Either way is great with me.

Strike Back

Exclusive: See Some Shootin’ In The Latest ‘Strike Back’ Clip

Friday, October 14 by

‘Strike Back’ is back.

"Don't you ever touch a black man's radio... or house!"

Star Maps: The Dingiest Celebrity Homes

Friday, October 14 by

In honor of Chris Tucker losing his pirate ship-themed home.

Pretty fitting that they named this film after one of the most frequently disappointing days of the year.

Garry Marshall’s ‘New Year’s Eve’ Poster Seems To Focus On Homeless Hector Elizondo

Friday, October 14 by

It’s nice to watch other couples go through the same things we do, like fights with Josh Duhamel and difficulty getting Sarah Jessica Parker pregnant.

They say I can't have you.

5 Bizarre Obsessive Movie Crushes

Friday, October 14 by

All women have needs.


Daniel Radcliffe Finds World’s Creepiest House In ‘The Woman In Black’ UK Trailer

Friday, October 14 by

And there’s a poop-covered kid.


8 Critically Acclaimed Films That Deserve An Unnecessary Prequel

Friday, October 14 by

The Kramers’ marriage is going to last…I can feel it!

fred durst tattoo01

Hilarious Comedian Fred Durst Gets Sitcom On CBS

Friday, October 14 by

Perhaps there is a wacky neighbor role for Korn’s Jonathan Davis.

No amount of prep could ready you for sex with this guy.

9 Films That Probably Required Some Very Unpleasant Actor Preparation

Friday, October 14 by

The level of preparation that some of Hollywood’s most popular films require might surprise you.


Check Out A Special ‘American Horror Story’ Preview

Thursday, October 13 by

The scariest sexual harassment accusation you’ll see this week.

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