Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal Will Be Haunted By ‘Voice From The Stone’

Wednesday, May 18 by

In real life, Maggie is haunted by the success of her younger brother.

The Peter

Wednesday, May 18 by

He’s our distinguished family guy.

He used to have such promise

Mel Gibson Getting Involved In A Gang

Wednesday, May 18 by

It might be time for an intervention.

'Super 8' Kids

New ‘Super 8′ Clip: Kids Are Afraid Of Guns And Monsters

Tuesday, May 17 by

Children are such scaredy cats when it comes to guys with bloody faces pointing guns at them.

Robert Zemeckis

Against All Odds, Zemeckis Put In Charge Of Disney’s ‘Animated American’

Tuesday, May 17 by

Even after ‘Mars Needs Moms’, Robert Zemeckis somehow gets to produce more Disney animated movies. Amazing.

Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel Jokingly Apologizes For ABC At The Upfronts

Tuesday, May 17 by

The gist of Kimmel’s stand-up routine was: our network sucks, but other networks suck too. So… give us your money?

A Historic Meeting Between Reagan, Gorbachev and Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott To Direct ‘Reykjavik’, Someone Else Will Spell It

Tuesday, May 17 by

Scott is attached to ‘Reykjavik’, about a famous Cold War meeting between Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. Yes, but will it take place in the ‘Alien’ universe?


Links Away: Guy Proposes Via Movie Trailer

Tuesday, May 17 by

This guy went all out, producing a full-length mock trailer for a movie about a dude who wants to marry a chick.

Gillian Jacobs

Gillian Jacobs Joins Steve Carell’s Not NBC-Related ‘End Of The World’

Tuesday, May 17 by

Gillian Jacobs (“Community”) will join Steve Carell (“The Office”) for Mandate’s ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World’. Will they do the secret NBC handshake?


Joel Edgerton Becomes Yet Another Australian Involved In ‘The Great Gatsby’

Tuesday, May 17 by

So many Aussies are involved in this project, I’m starting to understand why other countries hate when America does that to their works.


Review: TNT’s Franklin & Bash

Tuesday, May 17 by

It seems like this is the outrageous, but not too highbrow, courtroom drama “The Defenders” wanted to be.

Peter Berg

Peter Berg To Move From ‘Battleship’ To Something That Matters With ‘Lone Survivor’

Tuesday, May 17 by

Still waiting for you to star in that ‘Aspen Extreme’ sequel, Peter. Oh. That’s right. You died in it. Prequel, I guess.

Armie Hammer: Lone Rangerin'

“Hi Ho, Hammer”: Armie Hammer Is The Lone Ranger

Tuesday, May 17 by

Namey Award winner Armie Hammer, who doubled your Winkelvoss in ‘The Social Network’, is officially confirmed to star in ‘The Lone Ranger’ as… the masked guy.

Starring Larry David as Doc

Michael J. Fox To Annoy Larry David

Tuesday, May 17 by

No, I think I’ll keep my enthusiasm for this intact.

Blue Valentine must have gotten her the role

Michelle Williams Is A Good Witch

Tuesday, May 17 by

‘Oz, The Great and Powerful’ has found its good witch.