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AMC Orders ‘Walking Dead’ After Show ‘Talking Dead’

Thursday, September 22 by

I see what they did there.

That's some fine acting, Lily!

Lily Collins And 9 Other Hot Rock Star Daughters Who Went On To Act

Thursday, September 22 by

Special thanks to Aerosmith for making some really hot girls…

The Dan Without A Face

Curl Up With ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Trailer

Thursday, September 22 by

I never knew reading could be so much fun!

Nice shirt.

5 Careers Taylor Lautner Should Pursue Besides Acting

Thursday, September 22 by

There are so many jobs more fulfilling than “B-list movie star.” Just ask my mechanic, Michael Dudikoff.

Links Away: Liam Neeson Punches a Wolf

Wednesday, September 21 by

The Most Embarassing Play of 2011 (TotalProSports)

Rali Ivanova Hotness (GorillaMask)

Joseph Gordon Leavitt as Robin? (FilmDrunk)

The Weirdest Celebrity Endorsements of all Time (Smosh)

Kate Walsh Roasting Who? (Holytaco)

Miley Cyrus In Her Hotel Room (CelebJihad)

The Devolution of George Lucas (Unreality)

Hottie On The Beach (DoubleViking)

Renner is the King of Heists (Slashfilm)

The Sexiest Pop Posters of all time (MadeMan)

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Hotness (Ehowa)

How’s Ashton On Two and a Half..? (USAToday)

The Best Asian Sauces Out There (ModernMan)

Sarah Michelle Gellar Hotness (Maxim)

TV Inspired video game Fails (WarmingGlow)

Thoughts On The Max Payne 3 trailer (Gamefront)

Our Favorite Latino painters (TuVez)

Lautners Favorite Films (RottenTomatoes)

Hot Babes Named Michelle (BarstoolSports)

Oh, they're going to have a great time on set!

Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, And James Franco Join ‘Jay And Seth Vs. The Apocalypse’

Wednesday, September 21 by

All these guys are beginning to resemble a dorky, but powerful gang.

"What you mean you don't got ultralounges in Downer's Grove?"

5 Couples We’d Like To See On ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

Wednesday, September 21 by

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock were deemed ineligible for consideration this year.

Their body language suggests two of them are sexually frustrated. (Hint: Not Tom)

Giddyup: ‘Top Chef: Texas’ Unveils Contestants And Guests

Wednesday, September 21 by

A patient nation still holds out for ‘Top Scallop’.

Photo via

9 Reasons Netflix Is Still A Great Deal

Wednesday, September 21 by

It’s still the best deal in town.

"Alaskan bitches better have my money."

50 Cent To Play An Alaskan P-I-M-P In ‘Frozen Ground’

Wednesday, September 21 by

Somehow Val Kilmer isn’t in this movie.

I loved you in 'Lebowski'...

9 Celebrities Who Look Like Chaz Bono

Wednesday, September 21 by

He’s got one of those faces.

the league

Check Out These Clips From ‘The League’ Unless You’re Some Kind Of Poser

Wednesday, September 21 by

And featuring Space Ghost himself as the voice over guy!

Now THAT'S a good photoshop!

9 TV Shows That Would Have Been Better With Buscemi

Wednesday, September 21 by

A stunning look back at what might have been…

"Freeze motherbitches!!"

Justin Lin Blows Off ‘Terminator’ For ‘Fast Five’ Sequel

Wednesday, September 21 by

He’s far too busy for all of these sequels.

I used to watch scrambled Cinemax like this.

Screw ‘Avatar': 8 Movies That Deserve An Amusement Park Ride

Wednesday, September 21 by

If Spinning Teacups can be a ride, so can these.

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