‘Underworld: Awakening’ Actress Kate Beckinsale

Thursday, December 29 by

They’re making another Underworld film? Yes. Yes, the are.

Even though we aren't discussing this film, I can't stop giggling at how ridiculous this image is.

8 New Year’s Eve Films That Are As Hit-Or-Miss As The Night Itself

Thursday, December 29 by

We didn’t include ‘New Year’s Eve’ because we delight in subtlety here at Screen Junkies.

I wanted to memorialize all the girls I banged this summer with a photograph.

2011 Cable Ratings: More People Watching Good Shows, More People Watching Crap

Thursday, December 29 by

20% more people are watching crap like ’16 and Pregnant’.


Best TV And Movie Memes Of 2011

Thursday, December 29 by

You’ve probably never heard of them.

I'll pass on the New Year's kiss.

Ring In The New Year With ‘The Walking Dead’ Marathon

Thursday, December 29 by

Or go get drunk and kiss people. Choice is yours.

Hi, I'm J.J. High five!

Create Special Effects On Your iPhone Courtesy Of J.J. Abrams

Thursday, December 29 by

Lens flare at the touch of a button.

Seconds later, his metamorphosis into Richie Belding was complete.

The “Ayk” Is Back: Dan Aykroyd To Try Being Funny Again

Wednesday, December 28 by

Let’s hope he does better than Eddie Murphy.

This year has left the juggernaut broken, battered, and bruised.

Netflix In 2011: How To Build Up, Then Destroy A Company In 12 Months

Wednesday, December 28 by

It’s been a bad year for Qwikster Netflix.

Pictured: A terrifying alien hooker.

Nerd Alert: An Alien-Themed Whorehouse Is Opening In Nevada

Wednesday, December 28 by

By clicking on this article, you are admitting you have alien-whore fantasies.

I don't even feel like examining the plot holes of this season. It feels like picking on a fat kid.

After An Abysmal Season, Can ‘Dexter’ Get Its Groove Back?

Wednesday, December 28 by

It’s a guilty pleasure in the vein of ‘True Blood’ but instead of sex and violence, ‘Dexter’ derives its guilt and pleasure from really shitty writing and logical leaps.

Harry Pottieri

Wednesday, December 28 by

Cheetah 1931 - 2011

R.I.P. Cheetah The Chimp From ‘Tarzan’

Wednesday, December 28 by

Run free, Cheetah. Run free.


Our 9 Most Anticipated Films Of 2012

Wednesday, December 28 by

Hi, I’m Abe. Wanna party?

Teen Wolf did it better.

‘Fast Five’ Tops The Most Ganked Films Of 2011 List

Wednesday, December 28 by


That'd be great....

The 7 Most Awkward Sexual Encounters In Film

Tuesday, December 27 by

Oh…oh god…

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