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And The Winner Of Our ‘Straw Dogs’ Caption Contest Is…

Thursday, December 22 by

And the other winner is…

Fright Night

And The Winner Of Our ‘Fright Night’ Caption Contest Is…

Thursday, December 22 by

And the winner is…

Show #2 who's boss.

China’s Talkin’ Mad Sh*t About Christian Bale

Thursday, December 22 by

The seeds have been planted for a dance-off.

WHAT? It's the first pic that came up.

American Horror Story To Reboot Season 2 With The Same Cast

Thursday, December 22 by

Ryan Murphy is trying to set the record for “shortest duration from an original to a reboot.”

This is so fantastically terriffic.

8 Christmas Films With No Christmas Cheer

Thursday, December 22 by

All these explosions are ruining Christmas.


The ‘Prometheus’ Trailer Is Here

Thursday, December 22 by

No more teasers…


‘The Darkest Hour’ Actress Rachael Taylor

Thursday, December 22 by

First she fought transforming aliens. Now she’s fighting… other aliens.

Harrison Ford is turning into Steven Spielberg.

Old Man Harrison Ford To Star In Adaptation Of Old Sci-Fi Book, ‘Ender’s Game’

Thursday, December 22 by

I hope this is the first role that let’s him wear that tiny little earring in character.

Batman meets his match?

11 Characters Who Could Replace Bruce Wayne As Batman In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Thursday, December 22 by

Some are realistic, some are not, but all have played the part of Batman at one time or another.

Sadly, not THAT kind of flash mob.

‘Community’ Fans Hope That Occupy NBC Flashmob Will Save The Show

Thursday, December 22 by

Occupy Greendale.

Links Away: GWARhorse

Wednesday, December 21 by


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Will YOU Be Watching Ghost Protocol? (MovieFone)

Nick Nolte On His Infamous Mugshot (FilmDrunk)

Video Game Moves That Would Break People In Real Life (Smosh)

Robot Avatar Is Creepily Awesome (SocialHype)

Katy Perry Nude Hotness (CelebJihad)

David Yates On His Voice (SlashFilm)

Jessica Harbour Hotness (CagePotato)

Carlton GIF Wins Me Over (Holytaco)

Lana Hotness (GorillaMask)

Niagra University Hotties (DonChavez)

When The NFL Power Goes Out (JustaGuyThing)

How To Protect Yourself From Hackers (MadeMan)

The Hottest Babe of the Day (DoubleVikign)

Chris Plummer Talks Dragon Tattoo (MovieLine)

How To Break Up With A Girl (ModernMan)

Vanessa Bryants Gets A Slice Of Kobe (TheCelebrityCafe)

Aubrey O’Day Hotness (Ehowa)

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Victoria Secret Model Mashup (TotallyCrap)

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Pogo Go Pro Awesomeness (WarmingGlow)

The Most Brutal Finishes of 2011 (CagePotato)

Meet The Bullfighting Children! (TuVez)


What's this guy up to?

The ‘Christmas Story’ Cast: Where They Be At Now?

Wednesday, December 21 by

Anyone with any information is urged to call the West Hollywood police.


Bane Speaks! (Video)

Wednesday, December 21 by

Wait? What?

Close but no cigar

In Honor Of ‘The Hobbit': 4 Prequels That Work And 4 That Don’t

Wednesday, December 21 by

They can’t all be winners.

This photo was suggested by Marv's publicist.

20 Years Later, Marv Looks Back At His ‘Home Alone’ Burglary

Wednesday, December 21 by

Twenty years later, Marv looks back at what once was, what could have been, and what now is.

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