‘Young Adult’ Actress Charlize Theron

Wednesday, December 7 by

How old is she, again?

I hope it was worth it, Mythbusters.

‘Mythbusters’ Accidentally Sent A Cannonball Through A House

Wednesday, December 7 by

Before you laugh at this, please bear in mind that a minivan was damaged.

Michael Jackson in happier times.

7 ‘Glee’ Tributes We’d Like To See

Wednesday, December 7 by

Enough with the shitty bands.

This will make money.

Adam Sandler Spawns A ‘Grown Ups’ Sequel

Wednesday, December 7 by

More like GROAN Ups. Amirite?

A less rewarding film experience than 'Snow Dogs'

7 Pearl Harbor Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Wednesday, December 7 by

With all due respect…

Trespassers will be shot on sight.

Michael Bay Will Direct ‘Transformers 4′ If He Must

Wednesday, December 7 by

As if there was ever any doubt.

Links Away: 80s Cartoons…and Skyrim!

Tuesday, December 6 by

Larry King Wants To Be Freezed (AOLTV)

Gary Oldman Loves ‘Dark Knight Rises’ (MovieFone)

Safety Corn & Pork Muffs (FilmDrunk)

It Happened On 5th Avenue (TheCelebrityCafe)

22 Hilariously Useless Signs (Smosh)

A Calvin & Hobbes Christmas (Unreality)

Frank Shamrock On Nick Diaz (CagePotato)

Sex…On A Waterslide (Holytaco)

Neo-Nazi Themed Monopoly For Sale (SocialHype)

Natasha Jolie Hotness (GorillaMask)

Mistakes Guys Can’t Get Away With (ModernMan)

Hottie of the Day (DoubleViking)

7 Hangover Cures That Actually Work (MadeMan)

Philip Dick Optioned…Again (Slashfilm)

Michelle McGee’s Boobs (Ehowa)

Jon Stewart vs Herman Cain (HuffComedy)

Patty Jenkins Leaves Thor 2 (Movieline)

Living On Beer IS Possible…Sort of (ForkParty)

Lucy Liu: Work Of Art (Gunaxin)

Cello Wars…Nuff Said (Devour)

Ana Seradilla Hotness (Coed)

Nicolette Shea Looks Like Courtney Stodden (GuySpeed)

How One Arm Can Ruin A Game (TotalProSports)

Opie Will Raise Hell (Warming)

Bar Rafaeli Hotness (NSFW)


This ain't so bad!

9 Movie Dystopias That Are Worse Than ‘Hunger Games’

Tuesday, December 6 by

Not only has law and order crumbled, but they’ve also stopped airing “Law & Order.”

Tune in next week for "Cartoon Cats We Would Love To Butter Poach."

7 Movie Horses We Want To Slaughter, Then Eat

Tuesday, December 6 by

This article reminds me of summers in France, where the horses were so succulent, my au pair would have to wipe the juices from my chin.

If I drop this channel to save money, who is going to scream at me at 5:30 every day?

If You’re Mad About Your Cable Bill, You Can Blame ESPN

Tuesday, December 6 by

ESPN knows that most men would rather slide comfortably into a cocktail dress than drop it from their cable lineup.

Now we have some place to send criminals.

What Could Be Living On The Newly-Discovered Planet, Kepler-22b?

Tuesday, December 6 by

If it moves, kill it and eat it.

Makes Sense

Tuesday, December 6 by


‘New Year’s Eve’ Actress Jessica Biel

Tuesday, December 6 by

Didn’t she used to be in a lot more movies?

Stop smiling, Larry. You're going to die. We all are.

Larry King Fears His Impending Death, Wants To Be Frozen

Tuesday, December 6 by

In a story that might not be of interest to our readership, or technically even “news,” but is very funny nonetheless, Larry King, when asked about his mortality, replied to…

game of thrones sports stars

We Cast ‘Game Of Thrones’ With Professional Athletes

Tuesday, December 6 by

The comparisons are uncanny…if you’re really high.

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