Links Away: Return of the Farting Jedi

Tuesday, January 3 by


More Awesomeness From Dave Rapoza (Unreality)

Portlandia Does Battlestar Galactica (AOLTV)

How Much Does That Dragon Tattoo Cost? (MovieFone)

Paranormal Activity 4 Happening (FilmDrunk)

If Skyrim Had Suburbs (Smosh)

Elisandra Tomicheski Hotness (SocialHype)

The Best Nude Actresses of 2011 (CelebJihad)

Alfonso Cuaron on No Makeup (Slashfilm)

Ayumi Sogawa Hotness (CagePotato)

Barack Obama: Mars Traveler (Holytaco)

Hot Babes Named Jenna (GorillaMask)

Indiana State Cheerleader Hotness (DonChavez)

The Most Googled Phrases of 2011 (JustaGuyThing)

6 Ways To Rock Your Resolutions (MadeMan)

Hottest Babes of the Day (DoubleViking)

Chipwrecked Flasher Gives New Meaning To Film (MovieLine)

How To Make Working Out Less Boring (ModernMan)

The Best Scenes of ‘The Walking Dead’ (CelebrityCafe)

Shauna Sands Laughs (Ehowa)

Muslim Women For Jon Stewart (HuffComedy)

Maria Sharapova Hotness (Gunaxin)

Bridesmaids vs Dragon Tattoo (NextMovie)

Ann French Hotness (Guyspeed)

Mini Anden Hotness (TotallyCrap)

Michael Beasley On His Finger (TotalProSports)

TV’s Biggest Douchebags (WarmingGlow)

You’re Not Fooling Us, Newt! (TuVez)


The Great Leader will NOT be distracted by that guy to his right giving him the finger.

’30 Rock’ Is Doing Its Best In Dealing With This Kim Jong Il Business

Tuesday, January 3 by

What are they doing in response to the recent news of his death? Not much, man. Not much.

I DARE you to look at this map for five seconds and not get excited about Iowa.

Caucus This: 6 Films Set In Iowa

Tuesday, January 3 by

Because you’re really ignorant about which films have been set in Iowa.


‘Albatros’ Actress Felicity Jones

Tuesday, January 3 by

She’s British, in case you couldn’t tell by the name.

It's Silvio but less jowl-ly!

Netflix Offers A Trailer For Its First Original Series, ‘Lilyhammer’

Tuesday, January 3 by

Fans of Silvio Dante from ‘The Sopranos’, this is for you.

Not on Rick's Netflix que...

7 Of Rick Santorum’s Least Favorite Films

Tuesday, January 3 by

All these movies are super gay. Get it?

The genuine article...or Ian McKellan?

9 Actors Who Could Play Ron Paul

Tuesday, January 3 by

Any of these guys could Restore America, provided no federal funding is involved.

Say what?

You Can Now Understand What Bane Is Saying In ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Tuesday, January 3 by

“Batman, I’ve planted a bomb in the hmppfff arrmupgh.”

Homies 4eva.

Called That Sh*t: Elton John Wants Justin Timberlake For Biopic ‘Rocketman’

Tuesday, January 3 by

You had your chance, Harland Williams.


9 Movie and TV Candidates Better Than The GOP Field

Tuesday, January 3 by

Suck my caucus.


Kirsten Dunst And Jim Sturgess Dance On The Ceiling In ‘Upside Down’ Trailer

Tuesday, January 3 by

Lionel Richie should sue.

Links Away: Inception…Romance!

Monday, January 2 by

The Fat Mac Dance (Unreality)

Pretty Little Liars Secret Revealed (AOLTV)

Paranormal Activity 4 (MovieFone)

The Higest Grossing Films of 2011 (FilmDrunk)

20 Hilarious Youtube Comments (Smosh)

Awesome Artwork By Guido Daniele (SocialHype)

Rihanna Nipple Ring (CelebJihad)

Rian Johnsons Looper Machine (SlashFilm)

5 Fights We Need to See in 2012 (CagePotato)

My First Trip To Costco (Holytaco)

Riley Marx Hotness (GorillaMask)

Deranged Pen Pals (TheHumorColumnist)

The Hottest Babes in Niagra (DonChavez)

The 25 Worst Computer Passwords (JustAGuyThing)

Your Very Own BCS Bowl Guide (MadeMan)

The Hottest Girl You’ll See (DoubleViking)

The End of the Year Box Office Boost (MovieLine)

Christmas Movies That Aren’t Christmas Movies (ModernMan)

Ashlan Gorse Interview (CelebrityCafe)

Kristin Cavallari Hotness (Ehowa)

Comedy Resolutions for 2012 (HuffComedy)

Maria Sharapova Hotness (Gunaxin)

Movies We Want To See In 2012 (NextMovie)

Vintage Dating Advice (Guyspeed)

Melissa Satta Hotness (TotallyCrap)

Canadian Hockey Star In The Making (TotalProSports)

Wrasslin’ and Drinkin’ (WarmingGlow)

The Latin Life: In Review (TuVez)


Inspector Spacetime

Monday, January 2 by

"Oh, indeed."

Oh, Indeed: Real-Life Omar Little Jr. Arrested In Baltimore

Monday, January 2 by

Unfortunately, the arresting officer was not named “Bunk.”

the impossible

Watch Naomi Watts Get Her Ass Kicked By A Tsunami In ‘The Impossible’ Teaser

Monday, January 2 by

Protect your kids from Hollywood tsunami glamorization.

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