Old Man Strength.... ACTIVATE!!!

Robert De Niro Is Homeless Dad In ‘Being Flynn’ Trailer

Tuesday, November 15 by

“Good news, son. Your father is one of the top three writers in America. Also, he wears a tinfoil cape.”

Links Away: Rouge Squadron

Monday, November 14 by


Community Goes Missing (AOLTV)

Michael J Fox Is Back! (FilmDrunk)

Dan Byrd Speaks (CelebrityCafe)

What I’ve Learned From Lil Wayne (Smosh)

The Best Moments In Halo (Unreality)

Henderson vs Frankie (CagePotato)

Elder Scrolls Will Make You Settle Down (Holytaco)

Karli Madilyn Hotness (GorillaMask)

Mickey Rourke Hates Actresses (MadeMan)

Hottest Girl You’ll See Today (DoubleViking)

More George Lucas BS (SlashFilm)

Paris Hilton Rehab Pics (Ehowa)

Bountiful Cosplay Butt Shots (Nerds)

Coonskin Cap Gives a Report (HuffComedy)

Bobby DeNiro In Suck City (MovieLine)

Burger King Couple Tweets Divorce (ForkParty)

Amanda Harrington Hotness (Gunaxin)

Jack and Jill: Sundance Version (NextMovie)

Victorias Secret Fashion Show (Coed)

The Worst Holiday Movies Ever (GuySpeed)

The Best In-Flight Movies (TotalProSports)

Gary Busey Back in the Spotlight (WarmingGlow)

Not dead yet.

Don’t Panic: ‘Community’ Is Not Dead… Yet

Monday, November 14 by

The show will not be returning in January… at least not right away.

We meant a computer virus, but I wouldn't rule out the regular kind.

Nude ‘Twilight’ Stars Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart Will Give You A Virus

Monday, November 14 by

We meant a computer virus, but I wouldn’t rule out the regular kind.

Chelsea Clinton somehow got hired as a reporter. An on-camera reporter.

Keep It In The Family: 9 Instances Of Hollywood Nepotism

Monday, November 14 by

Chelsea Clinton somehow got hired as a reporter. An on-camera reporter.

The president might want his new girlfriend to get tested.

The President Is Going To Steal Russell Brand’s Girlfriend!

Monday, November 14 by

This would likely hurt the president’s approval ratings.

Holy crap. That made money?

You Won’t Believe These 9 Awful Films Made Over $100 Million

Monday, November 14 by

‘Jack and Jill’ may soon join them.

Smelling his fingers.

9 Celebrities Besides Howard Stern Perfect For ‘America’s Got Talent’

Monday, November 14 by

We salute America’s tastemakers… and Gary Busey.


‘Happy Feet Two’ Actress Sofia Vergara

Monday, November 14 by

You’re not actually going to see Sofia Vergara in Happy Feet Two, but you’ll hear a whole lot of her voice. The”Modern Family” actress plays Carmen, a penguin who presumably takes…

Funny cause it’s True

Monday, November 14 by


Celebrate Child Murder With The ‘Hunger Games’ Trailer

Monday, November 14 by

That’s entertainment.

This makes money.

Why Adam Sandler Makes Sh*tty Movies (Infographic)

Monday, November 14 by

The answer is in your wallet…and it’s not a really old condom.

How do you challenge my reality, Lego Man?

Warner Bros. Lego Movie Really Coming Together

Monday, November 14 by

Everything is snapping into place.

I found him. Can you please not make the movie now?

Six Ways Hollywood Is Planning To Rape Your Childhood

Monday, November 14 by

We’re waiting for news of a gritty re-telling of Connect Four.


Guest Stars O’ Plenty In New ‘The League’ Clip

Sunday, November 13 by

Whoa, is that Jeff Goldblum?

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