See How Mac Got His Fat Back In New ‘Sunny’ Clip

Saturday, November 12 by

Yeah, he’s fat, but how did he get so fat?

He’s not Robo. He’s…

Saturday, November 12 by

Links Away: Immortal 300…I mean, Immortals…

Friday, November 11 by


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"Django's wife...she's BOH-ring!" Shit. That's not gonna read at all in print.

Sacha Baron Cohen Also Joining Tarantino’s ‘Django’?

Friday, November 11 by

He’s going to buy Django’s wife wIth no repercussions at all, I presume.

Ash battles the Close Talker.

Bruce Campbell Acknowledges He’s Irreplaceable

Friday, November 11 by

No one else is fit to wield his chainsaw.


7 Awesome War Films Based On Real Veterans

Friday, November 11 by

Good, bad, or otherwise, these films serve as true representations of the American military experience.

These go up to eleven.

It’s Nigel Tufnel Day, So Let’s Rock Out With These 8 Spinal Tap Classics

Friday, November 11 by

It’s the loudest day in the universe.

Muslims finally figured out that the way to be treated with kindness and respect is to appear on a reality show.

TLC Takes Spectacle Television To New Heights With ‘All-American Muslim’

Friday, November 11 by

They opted out of the working title ‘Look At These Weird Muslims!’

Pass the cookies.

Charlize Theron Nude & Milk-Coated In ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Teaser

Friday, November 11 by

If you’re into that kind of thing.


‘American Horror Story’ Actress Alexandra Breckenridge

Friday, November 11 by

Alexandra Breckenridge is Katerina Pelham on HBO’s “True Blood.”

"You seem DTF."

9 Famous Comic Strips That Were Turned Into Movies

Friday, November 11 by

Bill Keanes would have wanted you to read this article, and pass it on to your friends.

He's scary, but not in a conventional way.

David Schwimmer Will Be Playing A Mob Hitman In ‘The Iceman’… Seriously.

Friday, November 11 by

He bores his victims to death.

Somehow, this is the second funniest film of all time.

9 Cross-Dressing Comedies That Are Probably Better Than Jack & Jill

Friday, November 11 by

We didn’t say they were good. Just better.

Links Away: Fire Crotch!

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Star Shrek

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