‘The Rum Diary’ Actress Amber Heard

Tuesday, November 1 by

Less rum, more bikinis.

Ryan Murphy, you know sex, you tiny, newsboy-capped bastard!

‘American Horror Story’ Picked Up For Second Season…ON HALLOWEEN!

Tuesday, November 1 by

It’s the day after Halloween. I hope people still care about scary stuff.

'Cake Boss' has all the hallmarks of an amazing leader. Like Churchill.

The 7 All-Time Greatest Reality Shows About Cake

Tuesday, November 1 by

I whittle down the field of cake programs to give you my bare-bones, seven favorites. It wasn’t easy.

How'd this ever get canceled?

‘Green Lantern’s’ Martin Campbell Reduced To Directing ‘The Fall Guy’

Tuesday, November 1 by

Seriously. ‘The Fall Guy’?

Some moustaches are just plain evil.

9 Most Menacing Moustachioed Villains From Film And Television

Tuesday, November 1 by

Celebrate Movember by becoming the moustached cartoon villain you’ve always wanted to be.

Links Away: Beware the Undertaker!

Monday, October 31 by

Puss in Boots Dominates (Moviefone)

Kim Kardashian Wedding Bad For Business (AOLTV)

Dani Mathers Hotness (Coed)

Pollyanna McIntosh Hotness (CelebrityCafe)

Questionably Sexy Halloween Costumes (Guyspeed)

Raffi Torres Controversial Halloween Costume (TotalProSports)

Jenny P Hotness (GorillaMask)

Diaz Makes a Comeback (CagePotato)

UP Dog IRL (FilmDrunk)

Funniest Cultural Costumes Ever (Smosh)

Possible Reasons For the Kardashian Divorce (Holytaco)

Taylor Swift Gets It From Her Fans (CelebJihad)

The True Lord of the Rings (Unreality)

DeNiro and Travolta Return (Slashfilm)

The 9th Configuration (31Nights)

100 Seconds of Mustaches (MadeMan)

Miranda Kerr Hotness (Ehowa)

How To Dominate an Arm Wrestling Match (ModernMan)

The Slutty Pumpkin Beard (WarmingGlow)

Game Reviewing 101 (GameFront)

The Best Latino Facial Hair (TuVez)

Brook Muellers Halloween See-Thru (NSFW)

Crazy Poodle Gallery (egoTV)


Harrison Flockhart

Monday, October 31 by

Smile, Nicholas. You're worth more than Haiti is!

Move Over Madoff: The 6 Most Miserable Billionaires In Film

Monday, October 31 by

Money can’t buy happiness, unless buying things makes you happy, in which case it can.

Total bros

9 Famous Bromances Between Actors and Directors

Monday, October 31 by

Some things just go better with one another.

Even in animated form, Reynolds absolutely OWNS the blazer/turtleneck look.

Sterling Archer’s Hero, Burt Reynolds, To Appear In Season 3

Monday, October 31 by

Burt Reynolds will play a guy trying to sleep with Archer’s mom.

Fox thinks you might like this weird family more than 'Allen Gregory'. For realsies.

‘Allen Gregory’ Did So Poorly Last Night That Fox Bought Some More Eps Of ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Monday, October 31 by

That weird guy that really likes ‘Bob’s Burgers’ will be thrilled.

The manliest of all pumpkins.

25 Badass Movie And TV Pumpkin Carvings

Monday, October 31 by

If your pumpkin carving doesn’t feature a famous actor, it’s total crap.


‘2 Broke Girls’ Actress Beth Behrs

Monday, October 31 by

Not broke at all.

"When do we roll?"

John Goodman To Pull A Piece On The Coen Bros’ ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’

Monday, October 31 by

Things are going to get loud and sweaty.

Oh man, even I Am Legend is crying!

7 Awkward Clips Of Actors Crying

Monday, October 31 by

Strong men also cry…

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