May Mr. Christopher Cheney take solace in the blizzard of high fives he received immediately following the disemination of the pictures.

Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo Hacker Could Get 121 Years

Wednesday, October 12 by

If some dude’s gonna get over a century of jail time, I want Olivia Wilde or higher.

The phone is a goddamn hamburger.

If Phone Calls In The Real World Were Like Phone Calls In The Movies

Wednesday, October 12 by

A recent survey shows that 96% of phone calls placed today are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!

This is how I felt writing this piece.

24 ‘Die Hard 5′ Titles That Make ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ Look Brilliant

Wednesday, October 12 by

It could have been much worse.

He looks half-surprised by this announcement.

Let’s Celebrate HBO’s Renewal Of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ With A Glass Of Cold Buttermilk!

Wednesday, October 12 by

It’s going to be like one of those series where the kids never leave high school, only the kids are bootleggers and the high school is prohibition.

Oh my god! Who's who?

We Cast The 2012 Republican Candidates

Wednesday, October 12 by

I missed my calling. I should be in casting.


‘The Big Bang Theory’ Actress Kaley Cuoco

Wednesday, October 12 by

She gets down with the nerd humor.


‘Moves Like Jabba’ Music Video

Wednesday, October 12 by

Take that, Maroon 5!

"Once the cat is relaxed, they are very easy to milk."

Javier Bardem Confirms He Will Piss Off Daniel Craig In Next ‘Bond’ Film

Wednesday, October 12 by

He’s no match for Bond’s gadgets.

I wonder where he bought that kick-ass shirt?

6 Of The Best War Documentaries Of All Time

Wednesday, October 12 by

I like war so much it’s hard to pick a favorite.

"Seriously, bro. What's she like? What's her hair smell like??"

Jim Carrey To Make Magic With Steve Carell In ‘Burt Wonderstone’

Wednesday, October 12 by

He’s just trying to get closer to Emma Stone.

This shit's gonna be in the Hall of Presidents one day. A hall that features his narration, by the way.

Morgan Freeman For President In 2012

Wednesday, October 12 by

If you have a better candidate, I’m all ears.

Haven't the Haitians suffered enough?

16 Zombies On ‘Resident Evil’ Set Injured In Secretly-Funny Disaster

Tuesday, October 11 by

Now all the zombie will be limping and dragging their feet as they walk. Who’s going to believe that?

Links Away: Brad Pitt Ping Pong

Tuesday, October 11 by

The Funniest Pet Halloween Costumes Ever (HuffingtonPost)

Kobe’s Hilarious Story (TotalProSports)

Mayra Veronica Hotness (GorillaMask)

Other Movies You Should Sue Over Besides Drive (NextMovie)

Eight Pranks In Ultimate Fighter History (CagePotato)

This Guy Hates Robot Boxing (FilmDrunk)

Haters Gonna Hate (Smosh)

How To Properly Celebrate Columbus Day (Holytaco)

Rihanna Gets Her Ass Photographed (CelebJihad)

Kelly Brook As Indiana Jones (Unreality)

Hottie On The Set of Firefly (DoubleViking)

Little Know Facts About Steve Jobs (SocialHype)

The Top Banned Horror Movies (Moviefone)

The Sounds of Real Steel (SlashFilm)

Silence of the Lambs Recap (31Nights)

Jordana Brewster Hotness (MadeMan)

Sophie Turner Hotness (Ehowa)

Listen to Ladytron Here (USAToday)

How To Do The Perfect Slapshot (MadeMan)

Cast of Princess Bride Reunites (WarmingGlow)

Assassin’s Creed And Bombs Are Awesome (GameFront)

Aline Moraes Hotness (TuVez)

Adorable Pandas of the Day (TheDailyWhat)

Kevin James Zookeeper Remixed (NextMovie)

You've come a long way, baby.

A Look At ‘The Kraken’ Throughout Film History

Tuesday, October 11 by

Today, scientists confirmed that the Kraken was totally real. Are you really going to argue with scientists?

Write a caption that's funnier than this one if you want to win.

‘Pulp Fiction’ Caption Contest: We Have A Winner

Tuesday, October 11 by

With caption contests, there are no real winners, just a lot of losers with time to kill on the Internet.

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