Ed Helms To Star (And Probably Sing) In ‘True North’

Monday, June 27 by

Ed Helms is totally going to find an excuse to sing in this movie.


‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 2 Teaser Will Ruin You

Monday, June 27 by

Nucky Thompson will have his revenge.


This. Is. Another. ‘Immortals’. Trailer!!

Monday, June 27 by

Such high-flying battles. Was gravity not yet invented in ancient Greece?


‘Black Swan’ Writer Exposes The Scary Side Of Facebook With ‘XOXO’

Monday, June 27 by

Like ‘Swimfan’ but newer.


Ray Liotta Back On The Beat In ‘A Place Beyond The Pines’

Sunday, June 26 by

Ray Liotta does what Ray Liotta wants.

Don t Be Afraid of the Dark

LAFF Review: Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

Sunday, June 26 by

A solid creature feature in the vein of the’80s puppet movies

‘Young Frankenstein’ Opens on Broadway

Which Mel Brooks Movie Could Be His Next Musical?

Sunday, June 26 by

I vote for ‘Spaceballs’.


FX’s Pirate Show Producer Promises High Seas Action And Whores

Sunday, June 26 by

How a pirate show should be.


No ‘Green Lantern’ Sequel Shall Escape WB’s Sight

Sunday, June 26 by

‘Green Lantern 2: Havana Nights’?

nepali movies

Nepali Movies

Sunday, June 26 by

You may not even know that Nepal has a booming film industry, let alone that Nepali movies are fueled by popular demand, not just in Nepal but all over the world. A few worth mentioning are more than just wildly popular–they’re also pretty good.

The Wachowski Brothers

Is ‘Jupiter Rising’ The Next Wachowski Classic?

Sunday, June 26 by

You have two choices before you.


Liam Hemsworth Going ‘AWOL’

Saturday, June 25 by

Oh, and there will probably be a girl involved.

Dave van ronk -alper

Coens Feeling Folky

Saturday, June 25 by

“Folk you!” -The Coens.


Frank Darabont Reveals ‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Details

Saturday, June 25 by

Don’t worry, there are still zombies.


Chris Meloni Transitions From Sex Crimes To ‘Man Of Steel’

Friday, June 24 by

He’s so fresh off of ‘SVU’ that he’ll probably be peppering his dialogue with “perps” and “buses” when he really just means “criminals” and “ambulances.”