‘Antiques Roadshow’ To Go All Mainstream With ‘Buried Treasure’

Tuesday, May 31 by

That wooden box you use to hold your weed could be worth millions.


Dania Ramirez “Fills Out” ‘American Reunion’ Cast (Boob-Wise)

Tuesday, May 31 by

At least the producers of ‘American Reunion’ are adding fresh eye candy into Universal’s penis-squashed new ‘American Pie’.


Baumbach And Eiseinberg To Reteam For ‘While We’re Young’?

Tuesday, May 31 by

This is one of those stories that will probably happen, but we need to put a question mark after the title to cover our ass.


‘Walking Dead’ Adds Three New Characters With Yummy Brains

Tuesday, May 31 by

Next season, Rick Grimes and his Atlanta-evacuating company will be joined by fresh blood: Hershel, Maggie and Otis.


Sam Waterston Is Going To Be Firm But Fair In HBO’s Sorkin Pilot

Tuesday, May 31 by

He will be playing Sorkin’s standard “Crotchety Senior Executive Who Has Lots of Integrity.”


Watch Joel McHale’s Eyes Fill With Dollar Signs In ‘Spy Kids 4′ Trailer

Tuesday, May 31 by

When one thinks of family-friendly romps, one thinks of Joel McHale, Jeremy Piven, and Danny Trejo.

This Alien Is Also A Predator

Tuesday, May 31 by

I beleive the technical term is “predalien”. Or is it “pedalien”?


PT Anderson Dooms Jesse Plemons And David Warshofsky To Life On The Run From Scientologists

Tuesday, May 31 by

They’re already star-whacked. They just don’t know it.

Hangover II

‘Hangover II’ Scribe Picked For ‘Hangover III’

Tuesday, May 31 by

The studio has determined that the best way to shake things up and respond to those mediocre reviews is to definitely not change writers.

Hanks (Looking like someone who calls movies "cinema")

Colin Hanks Wants Your Cash For A Tower Records Documentary

Tuesday, May 31 by

He’ll be the Hanks son with the non-embarrassing connection to the music industry.


‘Source Code’ Coming To VOD 2 Weeks Before The Bomb Explodes

Tuesday, May 31 by

Did I say ‘the bomb explodes’? I meant ‘the DVD comes out’.

Ira Glass

‘The Girlfriend Equation’ Will Assign Odds To Your Love Life

Tuesday, May 31 by

Ira Glass has decided to calculate the odds of you finding love. In related news, Ira Glass should mind his own damn business.


See Alec Baldwin And Russell Brand In First ‘Rock Of Ages’ Photo

Tuesday, May 31 by

Baldwin got a Twitter, too.


Tarantino Wants DiCaprio For ‘Django Unchained’, Unless He Doesn’t

Tuesday, May 31 by

We won’t believe it until we hear it from the horse’s jittery, fast-talking mouth.


Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Hangover II’ Swimming In Gold Coins

Tuesday, May 31 by

Summer has begun, ladies and gentlemen.