‘American Horror Story’ Actress Alexandra Breckenridge

Friday, November 11 by

Alexandra Breckenridge is Katerina Pelham on HBO’s “True Blood.”

"You seem DTF."

9 Famous Comic Strips That Were Turned Into Movies

Friday, November 11 by

Bill Keanes would have wanted you to read this article, and pass it on to your friends.

He's scary, but not in a conventional way.

David Schwimmer Will Be Playing A Mob Hitman In ‘The Iceman’… Seriously.

Friday, November 11 by

He bores his victims to death.

Somehow, this is the second funniest film of all time.

9 Cross-Dressing Comedies That Are Probably Better Than Jack & Jill

Friday, November 11 by

We didn’t say they were good. Just better.

Links Away: Fire Crotch!

Thursday, November 10 by


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Star Shrek

Thursday, November 10 by

That can't be kosher...

Here’s Why The Muppets Should Be Hosting The Oscars Instead Of Billy Crystal

Thursday, November 10 by

That can’t be kosher…


Cheer Up, Rick Perry: 7 Great Political Gaffes Caught On Video

Thursday, November 10 by


Frieida Pinto Isn't Topless, uses a body double

Bad News: Freida Pinto Isn’t Really Nude In ‘Immortals’

Thursday, November 10 by


Whatever you do, don't tell them that Twilight won't fill the hole in their lives - they hear that enough.

8 Things To Do While Waiting In Line For The Twilight Premiere

Thursday, November 10 by

Tell everyone you’re there for the premiere of the new pornographic film ‘Breaking Dawn’.


‘J. Edgar’ Actress Naomi Watts

Thursday, November 10 by

It’s back to the 1930s for Ms. Watts.

Go Ped State!

In Honor Of Joe Paterno: 8 Disgraced Movie Coaches

Thursday, November 10 by

Just a few of Joe Paterno’s favorite films.

"Seriously, where is my car?"

Ashton Kutcher’s Sorry For Being So Dumb

Thursday, November 10 by

He’s owned up to it.

They get worse from here, folks.

In Honor Of Heavy D: An Examination Of 7 Hip-Hop TV Themes

Thursday, November 10 by

It turns out, there aren’t as many rap TV themes as one would think.

Today I learned Brian Grazer's hair on an Oscar creates a guido.

Brian Grazer Accepts Brett Ratner’s Oscars Sloppy Seconds

Thursday, November 10 by

They’re keeping it in the ‘Tower Heist’ family.

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