I'd cut my hand off for her.

Lily Collins To Battle Demons In Rebooted ‘Evil Dead’

Thursday, January 5 by

She’d look hot with a chainsaw hand.

Links Away: Lion King Rises

Wednesday, January 4 by

Star Wars: Noir Wars (Unreality)

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Together at last.

Ron [Paul] Swanson Is My New Favorite Thing On The Internet (So Far Today)

Wednesday, January 4 by

Cats, breasts, and Ron [Paul] Swanson: The Internet trilogy is complete.

Rain Man is back, and he's at the track!

Midseason Shows Of 2012: Which Ones Won’t Suck?

Wednesday, January 4 by

Set your DVR accordingly.

Jurassic Jeff

Wednesday, January 4 by

'The Flying Leathernecks'

The Most Accurate Depictions Of WWII Fighter Planes In Movies

Wednesday, January 4 by

World War II was one of America’s most “cinematic” wars, what with all the easily identifiable bad guys, loads of different characters and settings, and those two atomic bombs. Oh,…

On an unrelated note, China's flight attendants are among the world's best-trained and deadliest.

China Found That 2/3 Of Their Shows Were Low-Brow, Cancelled Them All

Wednesday, January 4 by

I smell a rat… a big commie rat.

See ya at the crossroads, Kathy Griffin.

Screen Junkies’ Celebrity Death Predictions For 2012

Wednesday, January 4 by

We’re really going to miss some of these people if God forbid they die and I’m totally proven right.

This video is like a portal into my dark dreams.

It Was A Matter Of Time: ‘Toddlers And Tiaras’ Mom Dresses Daughter Up Like Lady Gaga

Wednesday, January 4 by

Are Laci’s fans Little Little Monsters?

More of this probably

Our 5 Guesses As To The Plot Of ‘Paranormal Activity 4′

Wednesday, January 4 by

A few potential pitches.

"These klowns, honey, gonna make you die."

We’re Getting Closer To A ‘Killer Klowns From Outer Space’ Sequel

Wednesday, January 4 by

C’mon Syfy. Make this happen.

"Run! It's Jennifer Aniston. And she's pissed!!"

Brad Pitt Is Already Making ‘World War Z’ Trilogy Plans

Wednesday, January 4 by

The Zombie Ultimatum?

'The Rocketeer'

‘The Rocketeer: 20th Anniversary Edition’ On Blu-ray

Tuesday, January 3 by

Not bad, but could have used more special features.

Links Away: Return of the Farting Jedi

Tuesday, January 3 by


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The Great Leader will NOT be distracted by that guy to his right giving him the finger.

’30 Rock’ Is Doing Its Best In Dealing With This Kim Jong Il Business

Tuesday, January 3 by

What are they doing in response to the recent news of his death? Not much, man. Not much.

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