Smoove- Whiplash

Casting Round Up: Rachel Bilson, J.B. Smoove, And The Guy That Played Xerxes in ’300′

Wednesday, July 6 by

‘What to Expect…’ takes another poor soul, while J.B. and Rachel bring the funny to a couple actual comedies.


Lookey Here: ‘Tintin’, ‘Cabin In The Woods’, And ‘Fright Night 3D’ Stills

Wednesday, July 6 by

Give ‘em a gander.


UPDATED: James Spader To Join ‘The Office’ But In A Different Role

Wednesday, July 6 by

I’m looking forward to a twist on ‘Secretary’ featuring a very game Ellie Kemper.


Jennifer Aniston

Wednesday, July 6 by

Jennifer Aniston is a horrible boss.

Look at Kevin go

In Defense Of Kevin James

Wednesday, July 6 by

We think you’re more than just a fat guy who runs into things.

Twilight Stakes

Wednesday, July 6 by

Remember to pack for the premiere of the next film.


David Hasselhoff Cast As Sleazy Porn Dude On ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

Wednesday, July 6 by

Charlie Sheen was not available.

Horrible Bosses

Review: Horrible Bosses

Wednesday, July 6 by

Exactly the safe kind of mainstream comedy you’d expect it to be.


Val Kilmer And Ving Rhames Are Trapped In A Time Warp

Wednesday, July 6 by

The pair will be time-traveling AND ghostbusting in the film ‘Seven Below’.

Scary Monster Movies To Watch With Girls

Scare the Bra Off Of Them

Tuesday, July 5 by

Choosing scary monster movies to watch with girls is not only the perfect Saturday night activity, it’s also the perfect way to covertly put her in the mood.


Links Away: All The Worst Bosses Ever

Tuesday, July 5 by

‘Horrible Bosses’ is hardly striking on something new. Bad bosses have been terrorizing movie protagonists for ages.

Depp's Bloody Eyes

Johnny Depp Has Scored $350 Million From ‘Pirates’ Films, So Yeah, He Might Do Another One

Tuesday, July 5 by

He’s probably totally in the familiar artistic struggle of doing something new and original versus making $100 million.


Bret McKenzie To Act Ironic Opposite Keri Russell In ‘Austenland’

Tuesday, July 5 by

Can a Jane Austen project work without zombies?

Casey Anthony

We Cast The Inevitable Casey Anthony Movie

Tuesday, July 5 by

No doubt Hollywood’s plans are already in motion.


UK Trailer Provides A Less Bloody Look At ‘Conan the Barbarian’

Tuesday, July 5 by

Plot points? Apparently this film isn’t all just random violence.