Sweet Jesus, Does This Look Awful...

The Best ‘Jack & Jill’ Trailer Parodies So Far

Tuesday, July 19 by

If you thought the ‘Jack & Jill’ trailer looked horrible, you’re not alone…


Links Away: Don’t Abuse Zombies

Tuesday, July 19 by

Zach Levi wants you to learn the most humane way to kill a zombie.

Happy Ron Howard

Universal To Catch Ron Howard On The Rebound With ‘Under The Banner Of Heaven’?

Tuesday, July 19 by

Warner Bros wants to show Howard they can love him in a way that Universal never could.


‘Lone Ranger’ Gets Yoakam, Dale, Pepper, And Bonham Carter In The Mix

Tuesday, July 19 by

Wow. This movie just grabbed a whole bunch of respect with these casting choices. Touche, Disney.


Non-Softcore Version Of ‘Spartacus’ Headed To Theaters

Tuesday, July 19 by

Do you like movies about gladiators?

We can do better than this...

Tips For Surviving Comic-Con 2011

Tuesday, July 19 by

Keep these in mind before entering the San Diego Convention Center on July 21.

Redford Is Old

Shia LaBeouf And Robert Redford Bridge The Generation Gap For ‘The Company You Keep’

Tuesday, July 19 by

Shia will play a journalist hot on the trail of Redford’s fugitive.


‘Jersey Shore’ Does Italy In New Trailer

Tuesday, July 19 by

This looks watchable. Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in!!


William H. Macy Apparently Not Weird Enough For ‘Freaky Deaky’, So In Steps Crispin Glover

Tuesday, July 19 by

When your film isn’t weird enough, add a sprinkle of Glover. Not Danny, mind you.

SJ Comic Con

Join Us As We Navigate Comic-Con 2011

Tuesday, July 19 by

Here’s what we plan on covering.


‘Hunger Games’ Motion Poster Perfect For BBQing

Tuesday, July 19 by

It’s moving! Kill it!!

DVD Releases for June 7th

DVD Rundown: July 19th

Tuesday, July 19 by

New DVD releases for July 19th, 2011

Bruce Hearts Clark

Tuesday, July 19 by

This means major progression for superheros everywhere.


Sarah Carter

Tuesday, July 19 by

Sarah Carter plays a badass resistance fighter on ‘Falling Skies.’


Powers Combine For Live-Action ‘Captain Planet’ Film

Tuesday, July 19 by

The world needs a mulleted hero.