The 12 Funniest Names In Hollywood

Monday, January 9 by

Whoever bet that “Randolph Mantooth” wouldn’t make the list…it’s time to pay the fiddler.


Kenny Powers > Poor, Underprivileged Children

Monday, January 9 by

Dr. Cock N Balls is back in the game.


There’s A ‘South Park’ RPG

Sunday, January 8 by

Yes, “Jew” is one of the classes in the game.

The X-Raper

Saturday, January 7 by


Watch Archer Deal With A Bad Breakup In New Clip

Saturday, January 7 by

Why the hell are you crying?

Links Away: Buried…2

Friday, January 6 by

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Unless his newsletter is about facial hair trends, I'm probably going to pass.

6 Of Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s Craziest Moments

Friday, January 6 by

If you bought a ticket on the “Straight Talk Express,” buckle up, because it just went off the rails.

There go my future erections.

The Oscars Trailer Suggests They’re Putting Off Fresh Material For 2013 At The Earliest

Friday, January 6 by

The Oscars want to demonstrate they’re more the same than ever with this parody piece.

Why are Mommy and Daddy fighting?

HBO Is Totally C*ck-Blocking Netflix

Friday, January 6 by

Why are Mommy and Daddy fighting?

This seemed like the right picture to use for this story.

David O. Russell Is In Trouble For Groping His Transgender Niece “Out Of Curiosity”

Friday, January 6 by

He Hearts Huckabees…And His Tranny Niece’s New Breasts


7 Pop-Culture Themed Cookies Rejected By The Girl Scouts Of America

Friday, January 6 by

In my mind, they’re all winners.

What are these kids up to?

The ‘Kindergarten Cop’ Kids: Where They Be At Now?

Friday, January 6 by

I’m really surprised more of them haven’t been arrested.


Elizabeth Olsen Has A Crappy Vacation In ‘Silent House’ Trailer

Friday, January 6 by

Rest and relaxation my foot.

Links Away: Paranormal Nativity

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Caption this and win. It better be friggen funny.

Caption This ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ Pic, And Win $135 Worth Of Cool Stuff

Thursday, January 5 by

‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ hits theaters January 6th.

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