There go my future erections.

The Oscars Trailer Suggests They’re Putting Off Fresh Material For 2013 At The Earliest

Friday, January 6 by

The Oscars want to demonstrate they’re more the same than ever with this parody piece.

Why are Mommy and Daddy fighting?

HBO Is Totally C*ck-Blocking Netflix

Friday, January 6 by

Why are Mommy and Daddy fighting?

This seemed like the right picture to use for this story.

David O. Russell Is In Trouble For Groping His Transgender Niece “Out Of Curiosity”

Friday, January 6 by

He Hearts Huckabees…And His Tranny Niece’s New Breasts


7 Pop-Culture Themed Cookies Rejected By The Girl Scouts Of America

Friday, January 6 by

In my mind, they’re all winners.

What are these kids up to?

The ‘Kindergarten Cop’ Kids: Where They Be At Now?

Friday, January 6 by

I’m really surprised more of them haven’t been arrested.


Elizabeth Olsen Has A Crappy Vacation In ‘Silent House’ Trailer

Friday, January 6 by

Rest and relaxation my foot.

Links Away: Paranormal Nativity

Thursday, January 5 by


Cosplay Photoshopping Makes Me Sad (Unreality)

Nessa Alexa Hotness (FilmDrunk)

Reality Shows That Need Stars (AOLTV)

Harry Potters George Clooney Connection (MovieFone)

Super Heroes Being Dicks…A Trailer (FilmDrunk)

20 Unfortunate Last Words (Smosh)

20 Funny eCards (SocialHype)

Emily Rossum Gets Topless (CelebJihad)

Greg Kinnear is on Thin Ice (SlashFilm)

Gina Carano Hotness (CagePotato)

Yoda…vs Darth Maul! (Holytaco)

Carol Seleme Hotness (GorillaMask)

Hot Babes of Winnipeg (DonChavez)

The Best First Date Restaurant (JustaGuyThing)

The Pawn Star That Will Make You Rich (MadeMan)

Hot Girls of the Day (DoubleViking)

Once Upon A Time In Anatolia (MovieLine)

How To Make Workouts Less Boring (MadeMan)

Zooey Deschanel Files of Divorce (DoubleViking)

Audrina Patridge Hotness (Ehowa)

Whats Next For The Bachmanns? (HuffComedy)

Selena Gomez…Gold Digger (Gunaxin)

20 Actors to Watch in 2012 (NextMovie)

2012 Dakkar Rally (GuySpeed)

Secret Santa Bought A Dildo (TotallyCrap)

Fake Peyton Manning Wants You To Buy Boner Boosters (TotalProSports)

More From Mike Jersey (WarmingGlow)

Gina Carano Hotness (CagePotato)

You’re Not Fooling Us, Newt! (TuVez)


Caption this and win. It better be friggen funny.

Caption This ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ Pic, And Win $135 Worth Of Cool Stuff

Thursday, January 5 by

‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ hits theaters January 6th.

SexyDesktop Wallpaper Image

24 Sexy Pics Of ‘Shameless’ Actress Emmy Rossum

Thursday, January 5 by

For shame, Emmy!

He looks like a f*cking 'Jetsons' character.

9 Reasons Kanye West Should Be The Creative Director Of The ‘Jetsons’ Movie

Thursday, January 5 by

The universe can’t just offer this, then take it away. This must happen.

I dare you to try to sever his neck tendons. Seriously. Try it.

Jeremy Renner Got In A Thai Bar Fight That Ended With Some Dude Getting Axed

Thursday, January 5 by

He probably snuck out and hid in his hurt locker.

She doesn't seem like that bad of a boss.

‘Horrible Bosses’ To Tie Up All Its Loose Ends With A Sequel

Thursday, January 5 by

Oh man, I bet these bosses are gonna be sooooooo bad! Let’s go get drunk, guys!

Down in front!

Naked Guy Arrested At ‘Chipwrecked’ Matinee

Thursday, January 5 by

At least put on some popcorn, guy.

When would I eat The Donald? That's none of your damn business. This list is contestants only, weirdo.

The New ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Cast: Who Would I Eat First To Stay Alive?

Thursday, January 5 by

These are the most succulent contestants yet.


31 Unbelievable Maury Povich Screencaps

Thursday, January 5 by

You are NOT the father of the girl who’s afraid of transsexual mustard.

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