WWI The Next War To Have An HBO Miniseries About It

Friday, June 3 by

WWI: It’s not your grandfather’s war.


‘Fast Times’ Cast To Get ‘Honored’ By Spike TV

Friday, June 3 by

I’m anticipating a mix-up where they get the statue for Best Hottie BJ Scene or Finest Vin Diesel Performance.


Terrence Malick Gives Projectionists Specific Instructions

Friday, June 3 by

Watch your back, projectionists.


Batman Gives Bruce Wayne A Call

Friday, June 3 by

What? Isn’t this how we all spend our Friday nights??


Wayne Kramer Neck Deep In Love Pills

Friday, June 3 by

The future is now, people.


Annabelle Wallis

Friday, June 3 by

Annabelle Walls has a small role in X-Men: First Class.


Feminist Of The Year Shia LaBeouf Stripped Of His Title

Friday, June 3 by

Shia explains the Megan Fox/Michael Bay beef and how it’s cool when chicks take their clothes off.

Wicked Lovely

‘American Psycho’ Director Eyes ‘Wicked Lovely’ For The Kill

Friday, June 3 by

Look behind you, she’s got an ax!

Special Edition?

Friday, June 3 by

I don’t remember “X-Files” being so breezy.


Alison Brie And Lizzy Caplan Will Be Gawked At By Me In ‘Save The Date’

Friday, June 3 by

Everything is about weddings now.


Two More Actors Not Afraid To Remove Their Shirts For ‘American Reunion’

Friday, June 3 by

Jay Harrington and Ali Cobrin have signed up for a piece of the pie.


‘Sesame Street’: Is It A Gay-Hippie-Liberal Conspiracy?

Thursday, June 2 by

Sunny days… turning our children gay?


Ryan Gosling Is Too Busy For ‘Idolmaker’-ing

Thursday, June 2 by

Gosling is backing away from ‘The Idolmaker’. My sources have confirmed that the spirit rock and roll music has officially died in Gosling’s heart.


Lucas Produced ‘Red Tails’ Is Alive And Release Dated

Thursday, June 2 by

George Lucas doesn’t just make films about wars in space. He also makes films about wars on boring ol’ Earth.


‘Game Of Thrones’ Clip: Talkin’ With Tyrion

Thursday, June 2 by

Stick with Tyrion. That guy will hook you up with whatever you want. Gold, women, or perhaps a preview from the next new episode of “Game of Thrones”?