‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ Actress Paula Patton

Thursday, December 15 by

No relation to General. We don’t think so, anyway.

They look so peaceful, just lying there.

Here Are Your Fairly Predictable Golden Globe Nominees

Thursday, December 15 by

The Oscars Jr. nominees have been announced.

I refuse to "go with it." Rather, I think I'll fight it tooth-and-nail.

The Most Tolerable Romantic Comedies Of 2011 (Based Almost Solely On Speculaton)

Thursday, December 15 by

It’s sort of like ranking genocides in terms of how fun they were. It just doesn’t feel right.

Meanwhile, in the 90's.....

‘America’s Got Talent’ Got Howard Stern

Thursday, December 15 by

The show could get an in flux of dwarf tossing.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

17 Sci-Fi Santas (Gallery)

Thursday, December 15 by

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Probably has Howie Long or Ralph Macchio or whoever in his sights.

The Old Gang’s Back Together In ‘The Expendables 2′ Teaser

Thursday, December 15 by

It’s surprisingly bereft of action.

Links Away: Guy Pearce Being A Badass…Extended

Wednesday, December 14 by

Almost…Merry Christmas (Unreality)

The British Are Coming! (AOLTV)

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Minorities Want Whites Only (TuVez)



‘Biggest Loser’ Season Twelve: Before & After (PICS)

Wednesday, December 14 by

You’ve come a long way, baby!

To be fair, David Cross hasn't seemed to enjoy ANYTHING in at least a decade.

David Cross Didn’t Like Working On ‘Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked’ That Much

Wednesday, December 14 by

I’ve heard from three different people that Theodore is incredibly difficult to work with.

This happened.

The 10 Least Deserving Actors On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Wednesday, December 14 by

If these people can make the cut, you can too.

It also says that he invented the printing press. That can't be right.

Steve Guttenberg Is Just Now Receiving A Star On The Walk Of Fame

Wednesday, December 14 by

I wrote one letter a day for almost 28 years. I feel vindicated.

The $130 million that he earned in 2011 will buy him 13 million of this type of sweater vest.

7 Tyler Perry Projects We’re Looking Forward To Avoiding In 2012

Wednesday, December 14 by

I can’t wait to not watch!

'Fright Night'

Review: Fright Night On Blu-ray – Now Featuring More Daylight

Wednesday, December 14 by

A solid update, even if it never quite overtakes the 1985 original.

Ladies go crazy for a John Turturro-dressed man.

Megan Fox Is Less Hairy Than The Kardashians In ‘The Dictator’ Trailer

Wednesday, December 14 by

Has Sacha Baron Cohen pulled a ‘Love Guru’?


The Best Movie Trailers Of 2011 (So Far)

Wednesday, December 14 by

With apologies to ‘Chipwrecked’…

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