Wow. She's...she's very...very handsome.

Hooray For Hollywood: Musician Arrested For Trying To Run Over Park Ranger

Monday, February 6 by

It’s about time people started trying to run over well-meaning park workers. They’ve had it too good for too long.

Community Fighter Turbo

Monday, February 6 by


‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Just Might Match The Hype

Monday, February 6 by

Marc Webb seems to have found a balance of style and substance that many films, especially comic book adaptations, struggle to find.

We'd rather read.

9 On-Demand Channels We’d Like To See Instead Of Ryan Gosling

Monday, February 6 by

There’s got to be something better on.

Seriously, guys. Pay attention. This is important. Guys?

7 Molehills (Besides MIA) The Parents Television Council Have Turned Into Mountains

Monday, February 6 by

If we stop paying attention to them, they’ll wither up and die.


9 Movie Hangovers Worse Than The One You’re Feeling

Monday, February 6 by

We promise no loud noises.

Teach me how to Uggie.

Uggie (The Dog From ‘The Artist’) Is Sick!!!

Monday, February 6 by

He just wants to retire into a normal doggie life. Why won’t we let him?


12 Potential Sponsors For The “Kodak” Theater

Monday, February 6 by

Brett Ratner need not apply.

How rude!

The Donkey Sperm Network Is Sorry That M.I.A. Flipped You Off

Monday, February 6 by

She is SO not getting a sitcom now.


7 Possible Locations For The Academy Awards

Monday, February 6 by

Live from world famous Oakland, CA…


Have An Extended Look At That ‘Avengers’ Super Bowl Spot

Monday, February 6 by

Now with more Hulk.


New ‘Archer’ Clip Is Totally Cool Since He Drinks A Lot

Sunday, February 5 by

In his defense, it does look like a pretty cool car.


Check Out Ernest Hemingway’s Booze-And-Explosion-Packed Life In HBO Trailer

Sunday, February 5 by

There’s sex, too.

"Harrison Ford, if you let go you can prevent both 'Indiana Jones 4' and geting a really weird, age-inappropriate earring!"

Harrison Ford Getting Back In The Blade Running Game?

Saturday, February 4 by

It would be pretty cool if this happened.

Spider-Man Projections Spotted Around The World (And Our Links)

Friday, February 3 by

Spider-Man projections were spotted around the world in 13 cities & 12 countries. The guerrilla projections led to a viral RSVP site, allowing insiders to sign-up for exclusive events happening around the globe. The events will feature a Sneak Peek of Never-Before-Scene Footage from The Amazing Spiderman, and are happening this Monday, 2/6 in – LA, NY, Rio, London, Mexico City, Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney.

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