Apatow Feig

Feig And Apatow Teaming Up To Bring Us Some Sort Of Love Story

Tuesday, June 7 by

Details are sketchy, but it might entail charming adults acting like children.


Michael Peña Has Been Inducted Into ‘The Gangster Squad’

Tuesday, June 7 by

The “Hey, That Guy!” is quickly making a name for himself.


Chloë Sevigny Will Play An Irish Pre-Op Assassin Who Is Probably Cooler Than You

Tuesday, June 7 by

He wanted to be a she wayyy before it was mainstream.

Tom McCarthy

‘Win-Win’ Filmmaker To Put ‘Home Movies’ In Theaters

Tuesday, June 7 by

The protagonist can change his fate by watching home movies. No, they’re not sex tapes, you pervert.


New ‘Super 8′ Clips: No Alien But There Is A Zombie

Tuesday, June 7 by

Witness the birth of a future necrophiliac.

Bill Murray

Pics From Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Show Edward Norton As A Boy Scout

Tuesday, June 7 by

After ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’, Wes Anderson is back to doing what he does best: making Wes Anderson movies.

DVD Releases for June 7th

Screen Junkies DVD Rundown: June 7th

Tuesday, June 7 by

DVD releases for June 7th, 2011


UPDATED: Broken Lizard Smartly Employs Olivia Munn As ‘Baby Maker’

Tuesday, June 7 by

Munn is going from Aaron Sorkin’s sure-to-be-classy HBO pilot to comedy troupe Broken Lizard’s sure-to-be-Broken-Lizardy new movie.


Manie Malone

Tuesday, June 7 by

Manie Malone stars in the independent Congolese crime thriller Viva Riva.

A Few Goodmen

Tuesday, June 7 by

I’m having a hard time handling this truth.


Finally, ‘King Kong’ Will Get To Tell His Side Of The Story

Tuesday, June 7 by

He’s really just a fool for love, people.


“Michael Bay Is Not A Sexist Pig,” Says Hot Piece

Tuesday, June 7 by

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is cool with Bay’s directing style.


Does ‘Super 8′ Bring Back That Spielbergian Nostalgia?

Tuesday, June 7 by

Our new contributor to all things geek, Jenna Busch, takes us back to simpler times, when kids solved mysteries without the Internet.


John Dykstra Adds ‘Super Zero’ To His Resume

Tuesday, June 7 by

At long last, the director of the Sewer Shark video game makes the transition to film.


How Ready To Rock Are Al Pacino And Dan Fogelman?

Monday, June 6 by

Pacino is close to playing an aging rock star in writer Fogelman’s ‘Imagine’, and I can imagine him destroying some instruments.