Jim Carrey Seeks Attention With ‘Dumb And Dumber’, ‘Bruce Almighty’ Sequels

Friday, June 3 by

Carrey is talking about falling off the jet way again. Maybe that’d be more pleasant than penguin wrangling?


Shockwave’s Got His Red, Glowing Transformers-Eye On You

Friday, June 3 by

We’ve got a new image of Shockwave. “Hey, One Eye, you think you’re so tough? How ’bout I transform into a giant middle finger, eh?”


Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’

Friday, June 3 by

Here are your weekend links.


Spielberg Regrets The Whole ‘E.T.’ Walkie-Talkie Fiasco

Friday, June 3 by

The famous director has gone back on the idea of digitally altering past films, putting Spielberg at odds with his friend George “I Change My Old Movies All The Time, Just To Piss You Off” Lucas.


Rainy Day Movies

Friday, June 3 by

Our rainy day movie list – the perfect antidote for the thunder, lightning and rain showers of summer.


Review: ‘Teen Wolf’

Friday, June 3 by

Unfortunately, this “Teen Wolf” is just a typical slick MTV show with no character.


Justin Lin To Produce Sci-Fi Film That’s Potentially Fast, Furious

Friday, June 3 by

Director Bobby Glickert went from robot fluffer to sci-fi super-player.


‘Green Lantern’ Stills…And Stills…And Stills

Friday, June 3 by

If you scroll through these real fast, it’s like a flip book. You can surmise the whole plot from it.

movies about israel

Great Movies About Israel

Friday, June 3 by

Great movies from a region in perpetual conflict – Israel


Patricia Arquette Somehow Lands Gig In David Arquette Movie

Friday, June 3 by

‘Glutton’ is about a bedridden, 1200 pound man, which is awesome.


What’s Playing This Weekend? (June 3rd)

Friday, June 3 by

Mutants, anyone?


TV Spots Galore: ‘Super 8′, ‘Cowboys And Aliens’, ‘Apes’, ‘Captain America’, And ‘The Change-Up’

Friday, June 3 by

Why watch TV at all when you can get all the movie commercials right here in this post?


Paul Thomas Anderson Brainwashes Rami Malek Into His Cult

Friday, June 3 by

‘The Pacific’ actor has been indoctrinated and thetan-scanned into Anderson’s new Scientology-based movie.


People Have A Messed Up Definition Of Paradise In New ‘Terra Nova’ Trailer

Friday, June 3 by

This trailer is hitting theaters this weekend if you want to see it really, really big.


Dispatches From A Slow News Day: Lego Sandcrawler

Friday, June 3 by

14 Lego men died in the construction of this vehicle.