Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin Tops Wishlist For Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’

Wednesday, July 13 by

They’re hoping to recapture some of that ‘Jonah Hex’ magic.

what is google plus

Movie Buff Guide To Google Plus

Tuesday, July 12 by

Even if you are the sort of person that cares more about Eric Stolz than Eric Schmidt, our simple guide to Google plus will make everything O.K.


Links Away: A Wearable Television

Tuesday, July 12 by

File this one under useless but awesome.

Norton on Norton

Edward Norton To Get Villainous In ‘Bourne Legacy’

Tuesday, July 12 by

He’s probably going to be one of those really lame villains that uses brainpower instead of guns.


‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows’ Trailer

Tuesday, July 12 by

This Sherlock Holmes seems to solve problems with weapons instead of wit.


Kristen Wiig Lines Up Dream Project ‘Imogene’

Tuesday, July 12 by

Carefully craft enough poop jokes and your dreams will come true too.

So long, Spartacus.

Netflix To Get More A Little More Expensive, But Remain A Pretty Great Deal

Tuesday, July 12 by

Fear not – It’s still going to be a pretty great deal.


Casting Round-Up: Cusack, Rudd, Novak, and Forte

Tuesday, July 12 by

John Cusack subs for Tobey Maguire in ‘The Paperboy,’ and Paul Rudd invents his very own home cryogenics system.

Farewell, Harry

Goodbye Letter To Harry Potter

Tuesday, July 12 by

You will be missed.

9 Creepiest Haunted House Movies

9 Creepiest Movie Haunted Houses

Tuesday, July 12 by

An eccentric millionaire paid me to write this list.

College Movies That Never Get Old

College Movies That Never Get Old

Tuesday, July 12 by

Your were not nearly as cool as you think you were during those 4.5 years you spent at junior college, which is why these college movies that never get old.

Walter White

Review: Breaking Bad Season 4 Premiere

Tuesday, July 12 by

The show gets darker, if you can even fathom such a thought.

Kili and Fili

Here’s One More Picture Of Some Dwarves From ‘The Hobbit’

Tuesday, July 12 by

If you have an irrational fear of little people, this probably isn’t for you.

(Not actual cause of death)

R.I.P. Sherwood Schwartz

Tuesday, July 12 by

The ‘Brady Bunch’ and ‘Gilligan’s Island’ creator has passed away at 94.


Jennifer Connelly

Tuesday, July 12 by

Jennifer Connelly appears in the comedy-thriller ‘Salvation Boulevard.’