Whips and chains and fists excite her.

8 Movie And TV Characters Who, Like Chris Brown, Don’t Deserve A Second Chance

Monday, January 23 by

And probably not a first one, either.


‘Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie’ Clip

Monday, January 23 by

Impressive microphone holders.

Without Joe Perry to lean against, he fell over. And we all laughed.

6 More Awkward Steven Tyler Cameos

Monday, January 23 by

He just keeps showing up places. Can we put a bell around his neck or something?

Not pictured: This girl's dad, who is totally Jim Carrey. Mr. 'Fun with Dick and Jane'! No foolin'!

Jim Carrey’s Daughter Advances On ‘American Idol’

Monday, January 23 by

Behold the greatest performance by any Carrey since ‘Me, Myself, and Irene’.

Back to the Who?

Monday, January 23 by

The Matrix

6 Technologies That Would Have Kept ‘The Matrix’ Safe From Neo

Monday, January 23 by

Ever heard of a “firewall,” guys?

"I'm buggin' out!!"

Tracy Morgan Collapsed At Sundance

Monday, January 23 by

No drugs or alcohol were found in his system. Scientists are baffled.

"What did I do last night? Oh, I won the Super Bowl, then ducked out early to go home and play with my wife Gisele's breasts all night. What did you get up to?"

6 Movie Characters Who Have A Better Life Than Tom Brady

Monday, January 23 by

Yup, there are only six.

The world's most likable statutory rapist.

This Music Video Starring Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Wooderson’ Suggests He Too Might Stay The Same Age

Monday, January 23 by

Hello, old friend.


Man on a Ledge

Sunday, January 22 by

Director: Asger Leth Cast: Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell Synopsis: As a police psychologist works to talk down an ex-con who is threatening to jump from a Manhattan hotel rooftop, the biggest…


‘Saw’ Creator’s ‘The Conjuring’ Has Patrick Wilson And Vera Farmiga In Its Grasp

Sunday, January 22 by

Loud noises, demons, shadows, you know the deal.

last exorcism

‘The Last Exorcism’ Should Have Been Called ‘The Second-To-Last Exorcism”

Saturday, January 21 by

‘The For Real Last Exorcism’.

That's not the shocker, Dane. That's just fingering someone!!!

Dane Cook Bombs Again While Defending His Act

Friday, January 20 by

This may not have been a Michael Richards-level incident, but it wasn’t good.


In Honor Of Double-Vagina-ed Hazel, Here Are Our 7 Favorite Film Mutants

Friday, January 20 by

A mutation is defined as a genetic change or abnormality that makes a person really gross.


Friday, January 20 by

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