Now we have some place to send criminals.

What Could Be Living On The Newly-Discovered Planet, Kepler-22b?

Tuesday, December 6 by

If it moves, kill it and eat it.

Makes Sense

Tuesday, December 6 by


‘New Year’s Eve’ Actress Jessica Biel

Tuesday, December 6 by

Didn’t she used to be in a lot more movies?

Stop smiling, Larry. You're going to die. We all are.

Larry King Fears His Impending Death, Wants To Be Frozen

Tuesday, December 6 by

In a story that might not be of interest to our readership, or technically even “news,” but is very funny nonetheless, Larry King, when asked about his mortality, replied to…

game of thrones sports stars

We Cast ‘Game Of Thrones’ With Professional Athletes

Tuesday, December 6 by

The comparisons are uncanny…if you’re really high.


There’s Actually A Trailer For Joss Whedon’s ‘The Cabin In The Woods’

Tuesday, December 6 by

Nine gazillion years later, the film finally sees release.

"Seriously, who farted?"

Check It, Bros: Bradley Cooper Confirms ‘Hangover 3′

Tuesday, December 6 by

Everyone likes lots of money.

Links Away: Vidiots!

Monday, December 5 by


Neo-Nazi Gang Makes Nazi-Themed “Monopoly” Board Game (Social Hype)

The Real Housewives Enter Rehab (AOLTV)

Oh Yeah, It’s Walt Disney’s Birthday (MovieFone)

The Full Tim and Eric Trailer (FilmDrunk)

Mothers And Daughters Of Hollywood (TheCelebrityCafe)

Motion Gaming Sucks…That’s Right (Smosh)

Disturbing Robot Girlfriends (Unreality)

Carlos Newton Quietly Retires (CagePotato)

Epic Crash in Japan (Holytaco)

Amanda Marie Hotness (GorillaMask)

Take The Eddit Murphy Quiz (ModernMan)

Harry Potter Takes Over Universal (SlashFilm)

Laura Vandervoort Hotness (Ehowa)

The Comedy Nerd’s Gift Guide (HuffingtonPost)

Meet The Anti-Arie Gold (MovieLine)

Bible Camp Counselor Screws 13 Year Old (ForkParty)

Halle Berry Hotness (Gunaxin)

The Hottest Movie Photoes of 2011 (NextMovie)

Natalia Belova HOtness (Coed)

The Craziest Urinals Yet (Gunaxin)

Perfectly Timed Sports (TotalProSports)

Flo Rida And…Serial Killers? (WarmingGlow)

Linda Hearst Nakedness (DrunkenStepfather)


Oh, man, if Eva Mendes was directing this film instead of Michael Bay, this picture would be PERFECT!

Michael Bay Wants Mark Wahlberg, The Rock For ‘Pain And Gain’

Monday, December 5 by

Is The Rock the right choice to play a bodybuilder? Only time will tell….

Seriously, Deavid Denby. Look a little more like a film critic for 'The New Yorker'. Jesus.

Why David Denby Is Right To Criticize Studio Release Policies

Monday, December 5 by

An unimportant insider exchange begs some pretty serious questions about the way studios release films.

The DVD isn't that bad.

Give ‘Conan’ On DVD A Chance… Or Don’t

Monday, December 5 by

Why not? You’re just gonna blow the money on drugs, anyway.

I would criticize Rowlf the Dog's actions, but that would just give liberals cause to turn him into a martyr for their cause.

8 Children’s Shows That Will Turn Your Kids Into Communists

Monday, December 5 by

Statler and Waldorf are the only ones that represent the sentiments of the right.

Hell yeah it is!

Police Discover Real-Life ‘Breaking Bad’ Meth Lab In Massachusetts

Monday, December 5 by

If she goes by “Hindenberg,” that would just be freaky.

Lord of the…Bling

Monday, December 5 by

Rudolph and Herbie v2.0

7 Shittiest Television Christmas Specials

Monday, December 5 by

More like DRECK the halls. Heheheh.

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