Links Away: Avenge the Superbowl!

Thursday, February 2 by

Awesome Lost ‘Groundhog Day’ Tapes and Stephen Tobolowsky Interview (MastersOfNone)

Epic Ric Flair Tribute (BuzzerBeat)

How I Met Your Mother’s Best Year Ever (HuffTV)

22 Astounding Perspective Illusions (Smosh)

Americans Text on the Toilet? (SocialHype)

Emma Watson 3D Nips (nsfw) (CelebJihad)

Miesha Tates Disrespect (CagePotato)

Don’t Let The Tyrannical Groundhog Steal Winter (Holytaco)

Orange Coast Cheerleader Hotness (DonChavez)

1 Million Commented Facebook Post (JustAGuyThing)

6 Lessons From Planet Hot Girl (MadeMan)

The Hottest Babes of the Day (DoubleViking)

The Woman In Black…Epic Ghost Storyness (MovieLine)

Superbowl Prop Bets (ModernMan)

Karina Smirnoff Hotness (Ehowa)

Josie Maran Hotness (Gunaxin)

Our Favorite Women In Black (NextMovie)

The Horny Express (GuySpeed)

Glozells Cinnamon Challenge (TotallyCrap)

Are You Ready For The Crispy Creme Challenge? (TotalProSports)

Sofia Vergara: Most Desirable Woman of 2012 (TuVez)


Einstein will be played by Nathan Lane.

‘Back To The Future’ To Become A Super-Timely Musical?

Thursday, February 2 by

Anyone want to wager on whether or not there’s a number entitled “Great Scott?”

Santonio Holmes and Ben Roethlisberger

7 Most Embarrassing “I’m Going To Disney World” Super Bowl Ads

Thursday, February 2 by

In other words, the seven ads we could find on YouTube.

Are you flirting with me, Mr. Grohl?

Dave Grohl And Dana Gould To Seemingly Spoof Metallica In New FX Show

Thursday, February 2 by

It could be like ‘Best In Show’, but with rock stars! That’s never been done, has it?

Trump Cones

Donald Trump Will Endorse Anything (13 Examples)

Thursday, February 2 by

He’s like a real life Krusty the Klown.

Former slaves.

Amazing Letter From A Slave (Darth Vader) To His Former Master (Watto)

Thursday, February 2 by



Howard Stern, David Letterman Bash Jay Leno Yet Again (It Never Gets Old)

Thursday, February 2 by

In other news, the sun came up in the east.

Don't make us choose.

Are Russell Crowe And Liam Neeson Boarding Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’?

Thursday, February 2 by

Earth’s last two wolves had best watch their backs.

"I said I would not be answering questions about the nature of my relationship with Nicole Richie. This interview is over."

It’s Groundhog Day, So Here Are Our 7 Favorite Film And TV Rodents

Thursday, February 2 by

I’d let these guys crawl up my toilet any day. It’s not just gators that do that, folks.


Because We’re Idiots: 9 Celebrities Photoshopped As Groundhogs

Thursday, February 2 by

They cast large shadows.

Links Away: The Simpsons Get Vocal

Wednesday, February 1 by


Hottie Reporter Takes Over Super Bowl Media Day (BuzzerBeat)

Shamless Is Back! (HuffTV)

The Grey…The Comic! (Smosh)

iPhone Glitch Lets You Spy On Strangers (SocialHype)

Scarlett Johanson In The Avengers (CelebJihad)

9 Epic Lawn Chair Knockouts (CagePotato)

25 Awesome Chocolate Sculptures (Holytaco)

New England Patriot Babes (DonChavez)

Pizza Beer, Anyone? (JustAGuyThing)

How To Lose Weight…Like Jonah Hill (MadeMan)

Hot Babes In The Wild (DoubleViking)

Madea Gets Witness Protection! (MovieLine)

Our Favorite Superbowl Prop Bets (ModernMan)

Jennifer Garner Spreads Eagle (Ehowa)

Josie Maran Hotness (Gunaxin)

Daniel Radcliffe Gets Hits Wits Spooked (NextMovie)

The Hottest Babe of the day Is (GuySpeed)

Natalia Velez Hotness (TotallyCrap)

Ricki Rubio and Kobe Bryants (TotalProSports)

Mel Gibson In…Get The Gringo! (TuVez)


She's remained silent far too long on the topic of corporate hubris.

Tyler Perry To Take On Wall Street The Only Way He Can: By Masquerading As A Giant Black Lady

Wednesday, February 1 by

I wish I was alive to audit a college course on Black cinema when they reach “The Tyler Perry era,” and the professor just sighs.

Pretty soon, we won't even need the popcorn, but rather will just have these bridging the gap between the butter fountain and my mouth.

Baja Innovations Has A New Way To Butter Your Popcorn (Not A Metaphor)

Wednesday, February 1 by

In the future, every kernel will glisten, and every finger will be greased.

A REAL American hero would ride a Harley.

Take Off Your Thinking Cap; Here’s The ‘G.I. Joe’ Super Bowl Teaser

Wednesday, February 1 by

Just imagine: The movie is ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY times as long as this trailer.



Wednesday, February 1 by

This is the ship we’re looking for.

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