Links Away: Paranormal Nativity

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Caption this and win. It better be friggen funny.

Caption This ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ Pic, And Win $135 Worth Of Cool Stuff

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‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ hits theaters January 6th.

SexyDesktop Wallpaper Image

24 Sexy Pics Of ‘Shameless’ Actress Emmy Rossum

Thursday, January 5 by

For shame, Emmy!

He looks like a f*cking 'Jetsons' character.

9 Reasons Kanye West Should Be The Creative Director Of The ‘Jetsons’ Movie

Thursday, January 5 by

The universe can’t just offer this, then take it away. This must happen.

I dare you to try to sever his neck tendons. Seriously. Try it.

Jeremy Renner Got In A Thai Bar Fight That Ended With Some Dude Getting Axed

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He probably snuck out and hid in his hurt locker.

She doesn't seem like that bad of a boss.

‘Horrible Bosses’ To Tie Up All Its Loose Ends With A Sequel

Thursday, January 5 by

Oh man, I bet these bosses are gonna be sooooooo bad! Let’s go get drunk, guys!

Down in front!

Naked Guy Arrested At ‘Chipwrecked’ Matinee

Thursday, January 5 by

At least put on some popcorn, guy.

When would I eat The Donald? That's none of your damn business. This list is contestants only, weirdo.

The New ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Cast: Who Would I Eat First To Stay Alive?

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These are the most succulent contestants yet.


31 Unbelievable Maury Povich Screencaps

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You are NOT the father of the girl who’s afraid of transsexual mustard.

I'd cut my hand off for her.

Lily Collins To Battle Demons In Rebooted ‘Evil Dead’

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She’d look hot with a chainsaw hand.

Links Away: Lion King Rises

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Star Wars: Noir Wars (Unreality)

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Non-Latin Teen Sent To Colombia (TuVez)


Together at last.

Ron [Paul] Swanson Is My New Favorite Thing On The Internet (So Far Today)

Wednesday, January 4 by

Cats, breasts, and Ron [Paul] Swanson: The Internet trilogy is complete.

Rain Man is back, and he's at the track!

Midseason Shows Of 2012: Which Ones Won’t Suck?

Wednesday, January 4 by

Set your DVR accordingly.

Jurassic Jeff

Wednesday, January 4 by

'The Flying Leathernecks'

The Most Accurate Depictions Of WWII Fighter Planes In Movies

Wednesday, January 4 by

World War II was one of America’s most “cinematic” wars, what with all the easily identifiable bad guys, loads of different characters and settings, and those two atomic bombs. Oh,…

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