6 Non-Porn Porn Movies

Tuesday, January 17 by

It’s like porn, but it’s not.

Spaghetti Wednesday takes a sexy turn.

Marcus Nispel Sharpens His Blade For ‘Hack/Slash’

Tuesday, January 17 by

He’s risking a critical drubbing with a title like that.


Top 9 Kick-Ass Women Onscreen

Monday, January 16 by

Do NOT let any of these women win in air hockey.


Here’s What Won At The Golden Globes Last Night

Monday, January 16 by

Matt LeBlanc!?

Thrones NES

Sunday, January 15 by


That ‘Goosebumps’ Movie Is Still Happening, Has A Screenwriter

Sunday, January 15 by

He better write the script of his life – or he might lose it!


Quentin Tarantino Isn’t A Fan Of ‘Drive’

Saturday, January 14 by

Or ‘Meek’s Cutoff’. He liked ‘Green Lantern’ though.


Safe House

Saturday, January 14 by

Director: Daniel Espinosa Cast: Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Robert Patrick Synopsis: A young CIA agent is tasked with looking after a fugitive in a safe house. But when the safe house is attacked,…

Links Away: Obama Loses His Sh*t

Friday, January 13 by

Mana Potion Earrings (Unreality)

RIP ‘One Life To Live’ (AOLTV)

Epic Plot Holes In ‘Contraband’ (MovieFone)

Release The Kraken! (FilmDrunk)

Disturbing Nicktoon Face Swaps (Smosh)

Tainted OJ vs Testicles (SocialHype)

Kate Beckinsale Gets Topless (CelebJihad)

New from ‘Game of Thrones’ (SlashFilm)

RIP Justin Levins (CagePotato)

Wannabe Superheroes Who Got Arrested (Holytaco)

Cynthia Escobar Hotness (GorillaMask)

The Denver Nuggets Dance (DonChavez)

The First Video Ever On Youtube (JustAGuyThing)

How To Own The Room (MadeMAn)

The Hottest Girls Ever (DoubleViking)

2012 Golden Globe Predictions (MovieLine)

5 Lessons From David Brent (ModernMan)

5 Sequels That Should Be Made (TheCelebrityCafe)

What The Hell IS That? (Ehowa)

Colbert Interrupting Police (HuffComedy)

Ayesha Takia Hotness (Gunaxin)

What We Want To See At The Golden Globes (NextMovie)

Hot Suicide Girl of the Day (GuySpeed)

Georgia Salpa Hotness (TotallyCrap)

Cleveland Signs Lebron (TotalProSports)

British People…And Awards (WarmingGlow)

Epic Rousimar Parhales GIFs (CagePotato)

Rob! Review (TuVez)

They may have fooled Chuck, but they didn't fool me!

‘Beauty And The Beast 3D’ Is A Great 3D Conversion

Friday, January 13 by

And I hate 3D conversions.


‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Trailer: Count The Wes Andersisms

Friday, January 13 by

I’ve run out of fingers.

All Kardashian bashing aside, they do have a really f*cking tasteful foyer.

Anderson Cooper Bans Kardashians From His New Talk Show

Friday, January 13 by

He should ban the real villain here, himself. Read on to figure out what the hell I’m talking about.

In Harlan, even the good guys aren't that great.

The Big Bads Of ‘Justified’

Friday, January 13 by

It’s a close-knit and folksy town full of violent felons.

"Who Wants To Breath Heavily While Watching TV?"

Paula Deen Has Type II Diabetes. Can You Pass The Butter?

Friday, January 13 by

It turns out that loading every meal with cream and salt might have negative health effects.

You hear that? That's the sound of 50,000 hipsters getting an erection because they just found the theme for their next barbecue.

CW Has A Clever Name For Its Dumb Musical Chairs Game Show

Friday, January 13 by

“Get ON your ass!” CW now owes me $10,000 because I just wrote this show’s tagline.

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