She then later sent a Tweet asking fans to maybe give her a ride to O'Hare at 6:30 AM, then maybe help her move this weekend.

Last Night Oprah Begged For Ratings In A Very Un-Orpah-Like Fashion

Monday, February 13 by

My prayers have been answered.

There can be only one.

9 Actors Who Could Replace Bill Murray In ‘Ghostbusters 3′

Monday, February 13 by

If I had to choose with a gun to my head.

This is like our fifteenth article about Han shooting first in the past week. No mas.

8 Things From ‘Star Wars’ More Unethical Than Han Shooting First

Monday, February 13 by

George Lucas leads us to believe that space is mostly a vast moral grey area.


Honest Trailer: ‘Phantom Menace 3D’

Monday, February 13 by

“Yousa thinkin’ people ganna watch this crap?”

My two most desired items in the world - those shoes and that board.

Mattel Will Be Manufacturing The “Hoverboard” In Time For Christmas

Monday, February 13 by

I’ll hold out for the powered Pit Bull model.

Bret McKenzie

Oscar Nominee Bret McKenzie: “We Were Really The Guardians Of This Magical (Muppet) World”

Monday, February 13 by

“I just really wanted to make something that felt like it belonged to that world.”

This Could Be Yours!

Monday, February 13 by


The Man Comes Around In ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Trailer

Monday, February 13 by

He’s got my vote.

Enjoy your consolation prize.

8 Terrible Game Show Ideas That Somehow Got Made

Monday, February 13 by

If the host is working with kids, you really need to conduct a background check.

"Please explain to us the challenges of playing both Jack and Jill."

Supercut: James Lipton Being A Sarcastic Rascal

Monday, February 13 by

What attracts you to odd hats?

Links Away: Every Wes Anderson Slo Mo Shot

Monday, February 13 by


Westbrooks Killer Dunk (BuzzerBeat)

Guess Who’s Coming to Pawnee? (HuffTV)

What Your Favorite Star Wars Character Says About You (Smosh)

Teen vs His Grandma (SocialHype)

Young Emma Watson & Her Panties (CelebJihad)

Kizer: Somebody Pissed (CagePotato)

5 Lies I’ve Told Being Unemployed (Holytaco)

Orange County Cheerleader Babes (DonChavez)

Hot Teacher Throws Sex Druggy Parties (JustAGuyThing)

4 Drinks To Make Her Fall In Love (MadeMan)

Hottest Babes On The Internets (DoubleViking)

A 6th Twilight Movie? (MovieLine)

How To Bowl A Perfect Strike (ModernMan)

Audrina Patridge Boob Hotness (Ehowa)

Laura Dutta: Bollywood Babe (Gunaxin)

Movies You’d Think Nick Sparks Would’ve Written (NextMovie)

Naomi Watts Hotness (GuySpeed)

Wheelchair Lifting Epicness (TotallyCrap)

South African Flash Cheerleading (TotalProSports)

On Being a Latino Star Wars Fan (TuVez)


I thought the whole point of the passage of time was that we didn't have to be subjected to films that look like this anymore.

Gor Blimey, Here Are The 2012 BAFTA Award Winners!

Sunday, February 12 by

They’re like the Oscars but more polite.


It Sucks To Be A Slow Kid In New ‘Unsupervised’ Clip

Sunday, February 12 by

It’s mental segregation, and it’s wrong, people.

1963 - 2012

Whitney Houston Is Dead

Saturday, February 11 by

She was 48-years old.


Archer And Friends Have To Get Rid Of Yet Another Dead Body In New Clip

Saturday, February 11 by

Don’t forget to take a picture.

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