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Our 9 Favorite Scenes Involving People Killing Defenseless Animals

Wednesday, October 26 by

To help get you through the rest of the week, here’s a list (with video) of people killing animals.

F*ck yeah, that's Norbit!

Eddie Murphy To Try Something New With A Family-Oriented ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ TV Show

Wednesday, October 26 by

I could see “Axel F” being redone by Cut Copy or Chromeo.

"Hey baby."

My 10 Favorite ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ Episodes

Wednesday, October 26 by

I found the perfect way to get zero work done today.


‘Like Crazy’ Actress Keeley Hazell

Wednesday, October 26 by

A model turned actress? Who has heard of such a thing?

"Then we'll add a filter that makes it suck in post."

Steven Spielberg Didn’t Like ‘Indiana Jones 4′ Either

Wednesday, October 26 by

Once again, the blame is on George Lucas.

The AT-AT... in all its glory!

45 Fan-Made Tributes To The ‘Star Wars’ AT-AT Walker

Wednesday, October 26 by

The AT-AT might be highly impracticable and extremely vulnerable, but the important thing is that it looks totally bad ass.

This pic is animated too, but you can't tell.

31 Creepy Animated GIFs From ‘The Shining’

Wednesday, October 26 by

Some of these cannot be unseen.

McG gives a passionate address about his love of boobs.

Summit Talks With McG About Non-Board Game Film ‘Puzzle Palace’

Wednesday, October 26 by

Surprisingly, it’s not based on a board game.

Links Away: Muahaha!

Tuesday, October 25 by


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Tower Heist

Tuesday, October 25 by

Director: Brett Ratner Cast: Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck Synopsis: When a group of hard working guys find out they’ve fallen victim to a wealthy business man’s Ponzi scheme, they conspire to…

I went with this image after I went into a Google image search for "Fat Bitch" unprepared.

8 Movies-Within-Movies That Should Be Made

Tuesday, October 25 by

Instead of the Battleship film, why didn’t someone sack up and make ‘Nation’s Pride’?

Mr. Leno will be flying a denim shirt at half-mast for the rest of the week.

Jay Leno’s Joke Kills Two Motorcyclists

Tuesday, October 25 by

This is worse than when the Dancing Ito’s went haywire and took out that orphanage.

Lindsay Lohan, this is your future.

In Honor Of Lindsay Lohan: 7 Actresses Who Waited Too Long For Playboy

Tuesday, October 25 by

Lindsay Lohan, this is your future.

Jurassic Park: Still Sexy

The ‘Jurassic Park Trilogy Box Set’ Is Sexier Than A Shirtless Jeff Goldblum

Tuesday, October 25 by

Just kidding. Nothing’s sexier than a shirtless Jeff Goldblum…

As you can see, the cast is very excited about this news.

AMC Renews ‘The Walking Dead’ Since They Already Bought All Those Zombie Costumes

Tuesday, October 25 by

Just imagine how well it would do if it had characters we cared about!