Inspirational Sports Movies for Guys

Inspirational Sports Movies For Guys

Thursday, July 7 by

If you’re a real man, then grab a few beers, sit back and root for the underdog.


Links Away: Nathan Fillion Warns Against Swamp Ass

Thursday, July 7 by

It’s a terrible, life-altering condition, and Nathan Fillion wants you to know there’s a cure.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Teaser Gives Us One More Zombie Death

Thursday, July 7 by

In case you thought there weren’t going to be lots of zombies killed in season 2…there will be.


Greatest Movie Bank Robbery Ever

Thursday, July 7 by

In this supercut, the craftiest criminals from cinema attempt to commit the heist of the century.


‘Carnosaur 2′ Director To Go Through The Motions Of Directing ‘Werewolf’

Thursday, July 7 by

Thanks ‘Twilight’.

Underrated Time Travel Movies

Lost Weekend: Underrated Time Travel Movies We Love

Thursday, July 7 by

Let the arguments about the time-space continuum begin as these underrated time travel movies from the past get their day in the present, with a brief stop in the middle ages.


Casting Round Up: Melissa McCarthy, Giovanni Ribisi And Leatherface’s New Legal Guardian

Thursday, July 7 by

Melissa McCarthy is a full-fledged Apatow player and Leatherface meets his cousin.

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‘Entourage’ Season 8 Trailer: Sobriety, Responsibility, And The Diceman

Thursday, July 7 by

The gang is back. And they seem to have slightly more problems than normal.

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‘Final Destination 5′ Trailer: It’s A Falling Bridge This Time

Thursday, July 7 by

In this one, they cheat death in a tragic accident, so death haunts them individually. Yeah, I know, I know.

Netflix Instant Distractions

Netflix Instant Distractions: July 7

Thursday, July 7 by

Whether you like tires or you be trippin’, we got ya covered.

Kristen is not amused by your costume.

Comic-Con 2011: Thursday Schedule

Thursday, July 7 by

Packed with your TV favorites. And ‘Twilight’.


Neil Burger Is All Over ‘Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune’ Now

Thursday, July 7 by

The ‘Limitless’ director will totally helm a video game adaptation.


Meghan Markle

Thursday, July 7 by

Meghan Markle is Rachel Zane on “Suits.”

Famous Actresses With Famous Parents

All In The Family: Famous Actresses With Famous Parents

Thursday, July 7 by

Out of the hundreds of thousands of aspiring actresses, only a few lucky ones will ever walk the red carpet – here are a few leading ladies that got in with a little help from their mom & dad.

Shaun Of The Dead Menu

Thursday, July 7 by

But what will the zombies eat?