He's got his own armor and everything.

Joel Edgerton In Talks To Grease Up For ‘300: Battle Of Artemisia’

Wednesday, November 2 by

Are his abs up to the challenge?

Best. Movie. Ever

Wednesday, November 2 by

I think that might be photoshopped...

Michael Shannon Thinks Your Theory About Zod’s Costume Is Stupid

Wednesday, November 2 by

And he’s probably right.

It's high time you started dressing like a fictional rape victim.

8 Movie Wardrobes That Should Be Spun Off Into Fashion Lines

Wednesday, November 2 by

It’s high time you started dressing like a fictional rape victim.

Picture this but even nakeder.

Amanda Seyfried To Porn It Up In ‘Lovelace’

Wednesday, November 2 by

She’s the new Heather Graham.

Tweet Off: Jonah Vs Channing

Tuesday, November 1 by

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Brook Muellers Halloween See-Thru (NSFW)

If you saw this picture and thought "Tyler Perry," you're a horrible racist.

Manure Prices Plummet, Movie Ticket Prices Drop Accordingly

Tuesday, November 1 by

If you saw this picture and thought “Tyler Perry,” you’re a horrible racist.

Tom demonstrated that he's just like everyone else by acting like a coked-up alien.

9 Tasteless Television PR Stunts Besides The Kardashian Wedding

Tuesday, November 1 by

Leave your sense of decorum and good taste at the door. You can pick them up when you’re done reading.

Keep up with this.

7 Characters Who Are More Engineered Than A Kardashian’s Marriage

Tuesday, November 1 by

Well played, Kardashians. Well played.


The Gang Is Creepy And Old In The Full ‘American Reunion’ Trailer

Tuesday, November 1 by

Katrina Bowden’s ass steals the show.

Ned Stark IRL

Tuesday, November 1 by


‘The Rum Diary’ Actress Amber Heard

Tuesday, November 1 by

Less rum, more bikinis.

Ryan Murphy, you know sex, you tiny, newsboy-capped bastard!

‘American Horror Story’ Picked Up For Second Season…ON HALLOWEEN!

Tuesday, November 1 by

It’s the day after Halloween. I hope people still care about scary stuff.

'Cake Boss' has all the hallmarks of an amazing leader. Like Churchill.

The 7 All-Time Greatest Reality Shows About Cake

Tuesday, November 1 by

I whittle down the field of cake programs to give you my bare-bones, seven favorites. It wasn’t easy.

How'd this ever get canceled?

‘Green Lantern’s’ Martin Campbell Reduced To Directing ‘The Fall Guy’

Tuesday, November 1 by

Seriously. ‘The Fall Guy’?