I am crossing my fingers for a 'Hurt Locker' crossover in which Jeremy Renner visits Sesame Street and has to diffuse a bomb that's been planted in Oscar's corpse.

Afghanistan Gets Its Own ‘Sesame Street’, The ‘War On Terror’ Can End Now

Friday, December 2 by

In this version, Sesame Street will be riddled with IED’s and goat carcasses.

I find this still (and the trailer at-large) uncaptionable.

New Tim And Eric Red-Band Trailer Has Profanity, Robert Loggia

Friday, December 2 by

One of them bangs a sex doll. Take a look, why don’t you?

Sometimes it's just nice to pour yourself a drink, kick back with a mountain of cocaine and just unwind, ya know?

Watch These 8 Iconic Coke Scenes, Then Find Out Where We’re Going Late-Night

Friday, December 2 by

You think 8 entries will be enough to get you through the night, but you’ll probably hit me up and ask me for more by midnight.


A Gallery In Honor Of Emily Browning’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Topless Scene

Friday, December 2 by

Sorry in advance.

The secret of where Red Lobster gets their meat is finally revealed.

Neil Moritz To Make An Even Dumber Version Of Starship Troopers

Friday, December 2 by

Earth needs this.

It's a living.

7 Motion Capture Performances Deserving Of A Razzie

Friday, December 2 by

You can’t have a rainbow without the rain…unless it’s a CGI rainbow, I suppose.

There aren't as many representations of David Faustino in this picture as I would like.

David Faustino (Bud Bundy) Is To Blame For

Friday, December 2 by

And if you’re wondering what Buck Bundy the dog is up to…he’s dead.

Yes, but what of the rare 'Casper the Ghost' comic that inspired the 'Saw' franchise?

9 Celebrities With Really Weird Hobbies

Friday, December 2 by

None of them collect orphan tears like I do.

You arrive late, you sit in the front row. No exceptions, Batman.

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Prologue Goes To IMAX On December 16th

Friday, December 2 by

Get there early to get a good seat.

Links Away: Community – Parks & Rec Style

Thursday, December 1 by

Mark Paul on Save By The Bell (AOLTV)

Charlize Theron: Nerd (MovieFone)

Fake Criterions For Shitty Movies (FilmDrunk)

Top 10 Non-Animated Disney Movies (TheCelebrityCafe)

Texts From Bennett (Holytaco)

Lariya Daniels Hotness (GorillaMask)

2011 Holdiay Gift Guide (ModernMan)

Daisy Duke Hotness (DoubleViking)

Emily Browning Hotness (MadeMan)

Cabin In The Woods Looks Epic (SlashFilm)

Elisabetta Canalis Hotness (Ehowa)

Jon Stewart Mocks Brian Williams (HuffComedy)

Sympathy For Dane Cook (MovieLine)

THIS Is An Important Phone Call (ForkParty)

Kirsten Dunst Hotness (Gunaxin)

Hugo Gets Honors…For Making 0 Dollars (NextMovie)

Jacqui Ainsley Hotness (Coed)

THIS Is a First Class Van (Gunaxin)

Female Wrestler Faceplant (TotalProSports)

The Thunder Gun Express (WarmingGlow)

Jessica Simpson Reclaims Pregnancy (NSFW)


You keep those headphones away from Zach Braff, Natalie. AWAY FROM HIM!

Grammy Time: 7 Great Soundtracks To 7 Horrible Films

Thursday, December 1 by

One of these films contains a collaboration between Mudhoney and Sir-Mix-A-Lot, who I just found out is not an actual knight.

Look at that bike! It's as big as he is! But still not that big...

Tom Cruise To Die Over And Over And Over Again In ‘All You Need Is Kill’

Thursday, December 1 by

He’ll be playing a tiny little soldier. How cute!

Go ahead, make my President's Day.

9 Pictures Of Daniel Day-Lewis As Abe Lincoln Being Assassinated

Thursday, December 1 by

This ain’t your great-great grandfathers assassination.


‘The X Factor’ Judge Nicole Scherzinger

Thursday, December 1 by

Coming soon: “The Why? Factor.”

This is the real Patch Adams, and if someone looking like this ever reached out to give me medical care, they would pull back a bloody stump.

The Best ‘Patch Adams’-Related Home Invasion Story You’ll Read All Day

Thursday, December 1 by

Reminds me of the time I used the Catherine Zeta-Jones film ‘No Reservations’ to diffuse a race riot.

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