In 1995, all hackers were either 11 year old girls or had nose rings. Sometimes both.

How To Make A Film That Withstands the Test of Time

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What do Wes Anderson films have in common with ‘Clueless’? You can watch them a decade later without wanting to gouge your eyes out.


Wilson, Martin, And Black Have Birdemic In ‘The Big Year’

Wednesday, September 7 by

Surprisingly, it’s not a Wes Anderson movie.

Wake up! Time to cry!

The 9 Most Depressing Movies Of The Past 9 Years

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Because you can’t trust someone who is smiling all the time…

Links Away: Louis CK Honors George Carlin

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Nikki Summer Hotness (GorillaMask)

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How George Lucas Will ReEdit History (Smosh)

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Hottest Girl On The Beach (Ehowa)

What Do You Want To Listen To On 9/11 (USAToday)

Unreleased DC Comics Reboot (ModernMan)

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Call Of Duty At High Speed (GameFront)

Thoughts On Kat Williams (TuVez)

Stacy Keibler Hotness (Egotastic)

Everyone Loves The Debt (RottenTomatoes)



Before They Were ‘Sons Of Anarchy’: A Look Back At The Cast’s Early Roles

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These actors must LOVE their agents.

Vote Republican.

Ridley Scott’s ‘Monopoly’ Movie Gets Bizarrely Good Screenwriters

Tuesday, September 6 by

We’re about to find out that Ventnor Avenue isn’t really a place, per se, but more like a state of mind.

This is from a movie called 'Norbit' that everyone made fun of but no one saw.

In Honor Of Eddie Murphy: 7 Oscar Hosts Who Never Picked Up A Tranny

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That’s not to say they haven’t done a bunch of other questionable stuff. With the exception of Carson, they have.

I watched this because my editor said I had to.

What The Hell Am I Watching? ‘Drop Dead Diva’

Tuesday, September 6 by

We thought we’d give this show a chance. Bad idea.

A simpler, pre-Depp Burton film.

Warners Bros Gets Behind ‘Beetlejuice’ Sequel

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Now you say his name three times and he appears as a crassly commercial version of himself played by Russell Brand.


Jennifer Morrison

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Jennifer Morrison is a concerned fighter’s wife in ‘Warrior.’

You made me into a monster!

Don’t Blame George Lucas; Blame Yourself

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You made Greedo shoot first…sort of…


‘Human Centipede 2′ Trailer Sucks Crap (In The Sense That It Looks Horrible)

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This movie is so gross, they can’t even show it to you.


9 Most Disturbing Home Invasion Movies

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Anybody home?


Carey Mulligan Is Going To Have A Lot Of Sex In ‘I Walk With The Dead’

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Prepare the body double!

Don't mess with Van Damme.

8 Villains Who Made The Mistake Of Pissing Off Jean-Claude Van Damme

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Don’t mess with Van Damme.