I'm fat.

Is Tony Scott Making Vince Vaughn An Action Star?

Thursday, February 16 by

He’s all blows up.

Answers. NOW.

Uggie Will Not Be Attending The Oscars

Wednesday, February 15 by

Aw, hell nah!

If his PR rep had their way, he'd be staring at the 'Big Book of GAY Butts'

Brett Ratner’s New GLAAD PSAs Will Require Lots Of Rehearsing

Wednesday, February 15 by

Get it? Ugh.


19 Sports Illustrated Cover Girls With Hollywood “Careers”

Wednesday, February 15 by

They’re all bright shining stars in my book.

Ironically, picking up this show in 2012 is exactly the type of thing that Hannibal would eat you for.

NBC Picking Up ‘Hannibal’ In What Is Clearly A Cry For Help

Wednesday, February 15 by

I hope you like your violence watered-down and insinuated!

That's uncalled for

7 Films That Didn’t Need A Re-Release

Wednesday, February 15 by

How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

Seems about right.

The Big Screen ‘Twisted Metal’ Is In Good Hands

Wednesday, February 15 by

Looks like there’s a new Paul Thomas Anderson in town.

"I said I'm out."

7 Movie Gangsters Who Tried To Go Straight (But Got Pulled Back In)

Wednesday, February 15 by

There’s very little room for advancement in the field of murder.

He'll continue to dance in my dreams.

Sadly, Herman Cain Won’t Be On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Next Season

Wednesday, February 15 by

We’d rather see him in a ‘Temptation Island’ reboot, anyway.

How Hollywood Says ‘I Love You’

Wednesday, February 15 by

Westbrooks Killer Dunk (BuzzerBeat)

Guess Who’s Coming to Pawnee? (HuffTV)

What Your Favorite Star Wars Character Says About You (Smosh)

Teen vs His Grandma (SocialHype)

Young Emma Watson & Her Panties (CelebJihad)

Kizer: Somebody Pissed (CagePotato)

5 Lies I’ve Told Being Unemployed (Holytaco)

Orange County Cheerleader Babes (DonChavez)

Hot Teacher Throws Sex Druggy Parties (JustAGuyThing)

4 Drinks To Make Her Fall In Love (MadeMan)

Hottest Babes On The Internets (DoubleViking)

A 6th Twilight Movie? (MovieLine)

How To Bowl A Perfect Strike (ModernMan)

Audrina Patridge Boob Hotness (Ehowa)

Laura Dutta: Bollywood Babe (Gunaxin)

Movies You’d Think Nick Sparks Would’ve Written (NextMovie)

Naomi Watts Hotness (GuySpeed)

Wheelchair Lifting Epicness (TotallyCrap)

South African Flash Cheerleading (TotalProSports)

On Being a Latino Star Wars Fan (TuVez)

Oh, to be a dog and in love!

Because We’re Not Total Monsters, Here’s ‘Lady And The Tramp’ With Real Dogs

Tuesday, February 14 by

Can YOU feel the love tonight?


The 5 Most Memorable Movie Mindf*cks

Tuesday, February 14 by

Yeah, Oldboy is on the list.

London Boulevard star Keira Knightly

25 Sexy Keira Knightley Photos

Tuesday, February 14 by

London Boulevard star Keira Knightly

...and here we go.

8 Famous Dildo Scenes For Those Without A Date On Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 14 by

This is as romantic as this website gets, unfortunately.


‘Warhorsey’ Is Just Like ‘War Horse’, But With Poop

Tuesday, February 14 by

Now THIS could sweep the BAFTAs.

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