This article rains on a lot of people's parades.

This South African Guy Was Trapped In A Cave With Zombies For Three Years

Tuesday, February 7 by

Unless he’s lying, which I really hope he isn’t, cause then this article would be pointless.

He's laughin', he's havin' a good time.

Hey Man, That Bob Marley Doc Is Coming Out On 4/20. Sick!

Tuesday, February 7 by

Wouldn’t it be great if we all got really stoned then saw this movie on 4/20? Yeah, it would.

Snow Tat

Tuesday, February 7 by


Junk Destruction: 8 Horrifying Scenes Of Movie Genital Mutilation

Tuesday, February 7 by

This was not a fun article to write.


The Second Cut Is The Deepest: ‘Machete’ Sequel Is A Go

Tuesday, February 7 by

They just keep f***ing with the wrong Mexican.


The 12 Biggest Flops Of The Past 12 Years

Tuesday, February 7 by

Starring Nicole Kidman is not necessarily a prerequisite.

Links Away: Superman Explained

Tuesday, February 7 by


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Who Was Bullied By Mob Wives? (HuffTV)

21 Ridiculous Brand Knock Offs (Smosh)

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Amanda Bynes And Her Boobs (CelebJihad)

UFC 143 Matchmaker (CagePotato)

This Website Prevents Icelandic Inbreeding (Holytaco)

Indiana University Babes (DonChavez)

People Still Use Phone Books? (JustAGuyThing)

Anonymous 101 (MadeMan)

The Hottest Babes Ever (DoubleViking)

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What You Didn’t Know Hurt Your Credit Score (ModernMan)

Jamie Eason Hotness (Ehowa)

Josie Maran Hotness (Gunaxin)

Evil Queen Superbowl? (NextMovie)

Adriana Lima Hotness (GuySpeed)

Candace Swanpoel Hotness (TotallyCrap)

Don’t Drink & Dive (TotallyCrap)

English = Stairway To Heaven (TuVez)


Wow. She's...she's very...very handsome.

Hooray For Hollywood: Musician Arrested For Trying To Run Over Park Ranger

Monday, February 6 by

It’s about time people started trying to run over well-meaning park workers. They’ve had it too good for too long.

Community Fighter Turbo

Monday, February 6 by


‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Just Might Match The Hype

Monday, February 6 by

Marc Webb seems to have found a balance of style and substance that many films, especially comic book adaptations, struggle to find.

We'd rather read.

9 On-Demand Channels We’d Like To See Instead Of Ryan Gosling

Monday, February 6 by

There’s got to be something better on.

Seriously, guys. Pay attention. This is important. Guys?

7 Molehills (Besides MIA) The Parents Television Council Have Turned Into Mountains

Monday, February 6 by

If we stop paying attention to them, they’ll wither up and die.


9 Movie Hangovers Worse Than The One You’re Feeling

Monday, February 6 by

We promise no loud noises.

Teach me how to Uggie.

Uggie (The Dog From ‘The Artist’) Is Sick!!!

Monday, February 6 by

He just wants to retire into a normal doggie life. Why won’t we let him?


12 Potential Sponsors For The “Kodak” Theater

Monday, February 6 by

Brett Ratner need not apply.

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