Jonah Hill’s ’21 Jump Street’ Trailer Is Dope

Thursday, November 3 by

Are we ready for the comedic advent of Channing Tatum?


Eddie Murphy’s 9 Worst Moments

Thursday, November 3 by

You can’t have a rainbow without the rain. That said, we probably could have had ‘Trading Places’ without ‘Pluto Nash’.


Histories Greatest Moustaches

Wednesday, November 2 by

The Greatest Moustaches In History – Watch MoreFunny Videos

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Give her the chair. No, seriously. She's feeling faint.

10 Of The Oldest Criminals In Cinema History

Wednesday, November 2 by

They’re only afraid of breaking their hip.

I'm a little pissed I didn't hear about this party.

‘Project X’ Trailer Makes ‘House Party’ Look Like ‘Stuart Little 2′

Wednesday, November 2 by

It’s like ‘Superbad’ meets ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’, only these guys aren’t total pussies about things.

Haters gonna hate...

Forget Pluto Nash: 9 Reasons Eddie Murphy Is A Comic Genius

Wednesday, November 2 by

Haters gonna hate…

Baby, baby, baby. OH!!

In Honor Of The Bieber Baby: 9 Paternity Suits Of The Stars

Wednesday, November 2 by

Hollywood feels his pain.


Portland Nudist Girl + Dead Horse = ‘Empire Strikes Back’

Wednesday, November 2 by

A 21 year-old Portland nudist girl named Jasha Lottin doesn’t see what the big fuss is about. All she did was buy and kill a horse in order to pose…


‘A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas’ Actress Melissa Ordway

Wednesday, November 2 by

Also a very long movie title.

Moments later, he bit through his bottom lip and there was blood everywhere.

Taylor Lautner Surprises Us By Producing, Starring In A Gus Van Sant Film, Reading The ‘New Yorker’

Wednesday, November 2 by

I still don’t know what a producer does, but it surprises me nonetheless that Lautner is capable of doing it.

He's got his own armor and everything.

Joel Edgerton In Talks To Grease Up For ‘300: Battle Of Artemisia’

Wednesday, November 2 by

Are his abs up to the challenge?

Best. Movie. Ever

Wednesday, November 2 by

I think that might be photoshopped...

Michael Shannon Thinks Your Theory About Zod’s Costume Is Stupid

Wednesday, November 2 by

And he’s probably right.

It's high time you started dressing like a fictional rape victim.

8 Movie Wardrobes That Should Be Spun Off Into Fashion Lines

Wednesday, November 2 by

It’s high time you started dressing like a fictional rape victim.

Picture this but even nakeder.

Amanda Seyfried To Porn It Up In ‘Lovelace’

Wednesday, November 2 by

She’s the new Heather Graham.