Why do we feel like voyeurs when they're talking directly to us?

How Faux-Documentary Sitcoms Trick Us, And Why We Love Them Anyway

Wednesday, November 23 by

You’ve been fooled, but you don’t care.

My two least favorite habits - smoking and swimming in your f*cking clothes.

Aaron Sorkin Is ‘Strongly Considering’ Steve Jobs Biopic, Since He Loves Depicting Cold Tech Giants

Wednesday, November 23 by

Sources close to him indicate that Jobs did both walk and talk, so Aaron Sorkin seems like a natural fit.

Crime doesn't pay... especially if you're an idiot.

7 Most Inept Criminal Duos In Cinema History

Wednesday, November 23 by

Crime doesn’t pay… especially if you’re an idiot.

This is how bored Joe Strummer was by the news of his biopic. And he's been dead for nine years.

It’s The Clash Frontman Joe Strummer’s Turn For A Biopic Now, Courtesy Of…Julie Delpy?

Wednesday, November 23 by

Biopics are the new tombstones.

Links Away: World of Chuck Norris

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Back in his prime, even Eddie Murphy's haircut was funny.

John Landis Doesn’t Know If Eddie Murphy Wants To Be Funny Anymore

Tuesday, November 22 by

If Eddie doesn’t want to be funny, that would explain a lot of his films.


8 Creepy Movie Characters Women Love

Tuesday, November 22 by

Ladies love the weirdos… according to this article, anyway.

These men should be reprimanded for expressing an opinion on television. Not cool, guys.

The Roots Welcome Michelle Bachmann To ‘Fallon’ By Playing ‘Lyin’ Ass Bitch’

Tuesday, November 22 by

This is easily the worst thing to happen to America in the past ten minutes or so.

Doing our part to ensure the internet is "pepper spray only" for the next day or so.

7 Film And TV Characters Getting Blasted In The Face With Pepper Spray

Tuesday, November 22 by

Those kids at Davis seem a lot tougher than these movie characters.


‘A Dangerous Method’ Actress Keira Knightley

Tuesday, November 22 by

There are no pirates in this one.

Sad nudity is still nudity, I guess.

Keira Knightley’s Nude Scenes In ‘A Dangerous Method’ Look Depressing

Tuesday, November 22 by

Sad nudity is still nudity, I guess.

They might love the law, but they love money more.

6 Actors (And Jim Carrey) Who Played Sleazy Lawyers To Perfection

Tuesday, November 22 by

I would disbar them all if I had some political power and wasn’t just a guy that writes about movies.

Bane-inspired fashions will be all the rage next fall.

Christopher Nolan Has Some Things To Reveal About ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Tuesday, November 22 by

It apparently takes eight years for the Dark Knight to rise. In the interim, he was catching up on ‘Mad Men’ and watching the food network while doing CrossFit.

Oh man. He just LOOKS annoying.

9 Actors Who Are More Annoying Than Woody Allen

Tuesday, November 22 by

If you like being reminded of annoying things, this list is for you.

The most badass gunslinger of the wild west and that's what they put on his gravestone? Mine will say, "From Time to Time, He Enjoyed a Good Fudgesicle."

HBO Getting Back Into Westerns With Doc Holiday Series

Tuesday, November 22 by

I smell an Al Swearengen crossover opportunity. Wait. No. I’m smelling lavender. Close.