Don't you scare us like that again.

In Honor Jon Bon Jovi Not Dying, Here Are His Collected Master Works

Tuesday, December 20 by

We all know Bon Jovi, the rocker. Let’s pay tribute to Bon Jovi, the actor.

Vote Reynolds. Vote Solo

Tuesday, December 20 by


‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ Actress Léa Seydoux

Tuesday, December 20 by

The X is silent. Pretty sure, anyway.


The 5 Best ‘Underworld’ Fight Scenes

Tuesday, December 20 by

Werewolves and Vampires do not play well.

Homies 4-Eva

Matt Damon’s Hatred May Hold Up Any ‘Bourne’ Sequels

Tuesday, December 20 by

Homies 4-Eva.

"Shitter's full!"

The Gift Of Gifs: 61 Classic Christmas Movie Animations

Tuesday, December 20 by

“Shitter’s Full!”

"Pass the sriracha."

In Honor Of The Neti Pot: The 7 Best Brain-Eating Scenes In Film

Tuesday, December 20 by

Recall the best instances of brain eating in film before the neti pot amoebas devour those memories.


Oh, Wait. What? ‘Wrath Of The Titans’ Looks… Awesome?

Tuesday, December 20 by

How the hell did that happen?

Links Away: Preview…for a Preview

Monday, December 19 by


Console Controller Philosophy (Unreality)

Dexter Pushes The Limit (AOLTV)

Dark Knight Rises Trailer Burns Gotham To The Ground (MovieFone)

MI4 Review (FilmDrunk)

Video Game Characters That Deserve Their Own Game (Smosh)

Real Definitions Of Common Sayings (SocialHype)

Kristin Stewart…Naked? (CelebJihad)

The 3d Bubble About To Pop (SlashFilm)

Melendes vs Masvidal (CagePotato)

North Korea Better Off? (Holytaco)

Lana Hotness (GorillaMask)

New England Patriots Hotness (DonChavez)

Surfing The Largest Wave In History (JustaGuyThing)

10 Men Who’s Style We Will Miss (MadeMan)

The Hottest Babe You’ll See Ever (DoubleViking)

John Logan Talks Movies (MovieLine)

The Robert Downey Jr Quiz (MadeMan)

We Interview Chyna (DoubleViking)

Mary Gamarra Hotness (Ehowa)

Which Politician Is A Greater Psycho? (HuffComedy)

The 10 Best Christmas Beers (Gunaxin)

Nero Likes Uncle Bucks Niece (NextMovie)

Gifts For Sports Nuts (GuySpeed)

Davalo Twins Hotness (TotallyCrap)

The Annex of Puerto Rico (TotalProSports)

Of Dinosaurs And Divas (WarmingGlow)

Six Fight Letters To Santa (CagePotat0)

Original Names For Latin American Countries (TuVez)


There goes my erection.

‘Punk’d’ Is Coming Back So We Can All…Wait, Why Is ‘Punk’d’ Coming Back

Monday, December 19 by

Remember that awful three-year stretch when the receptionist at your office would always tell people they were getting “punk’d?” It’s going to happen again.

Tom Cruise: Totally Not Creepy

Monday, December 19 by


‘The Darkest Hour’ Actress Olivia Thirlby

Monday, December 19 by

It’s a quirky indie romp about a massive alien invasion. Oh, wait, no it’s not.

That's some good knifin'.

Dexter Morgan’s 9 Greatest Kills

Monday, December 19 by

Knives are good and all, but it’s important to branch out every once in a while.

After three callbacks, Craig was shattered to learn that the producers went in a different direction for the role of Pinocchio.

Daniel Craig In Talks For 5 More ‘Bond’ Films After ‘Skyfall’

Monday, December 19 by

Anyone want to see the “dark and brooding” Bond for 15 more years? Yeah, me neither.

I'm sure his passing will be treated with the reverence he deserves.

6 Films That Skewer Famous Dictators (Including Kim Jung Il, Duh)

Monday, December 19 by

Only satires are fitting to document their styles of leadership.