The Dark Community

Monday, December 12 by

Rob Reiner that putting a guy in a pink bunny suit doesn't automatically make your movie awesome.

When Bad Movies Happen To Good Directors

Monday, December 12 by

We’re not going to yell at you. We just want you to know that we’re very, very disappointed.

"It will feel a touch cold at first."

Will Smith Goes Full Will Smith In ‘Men In Black III’ Trailer

Monday, December 12 by

Whoa. Whoa. You went too Will Smith, Will Smith.

Guess where his other hand is. Seriously. Guess.

Lifetime Is Remaking ‘Blue Lagoon’… Hello? Anyone? Hellooooo?

Monday, December 12 by

There will be no nudity.

joffrey the bitch

Cold Winds Are Rising: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Teaser Trailer

Sunday, December 11 by

The bitch is back.


New ‘The League’ Clip Like A Really Polite Remake Of ‘Cape Fear’

Sunday, December 11 by

And with less tattoos and head-bashings.


See The Final Crazy-Ass Clip From This Season Of ‘Sunny’

Saturday, December 10 by

Revenge is a dish best served in the form of a splashy musical number.

Links Away: Neo Downloads Manners

Friday, December 9 by

X Factor Eliminations Gets Dramatic (AOLTV)

New Years Eve: The Most Important Movie Ever? (Moviefone)

New Battleship Trailer Has Lots of Explosions (FilmDrunk)

Butterfield 8 By Daniel Mann (TheCelebrityCafe)

Secret Celebrity Christmas Lists (Smosh)

Left 4 Dead Fan Film Trailer (Unreality)

Todays UFC Weigh-Ins (CagePotato)

You Can Be Arrested For Planking Now (Holytaco)

Panty Party! For Female Students! (SocialHype)

Courtney Hotness (GorillaMask)

The Periodic Table For Swearing (ModernMan)

Chadwick Boeman Is…Jackie Robinson (SlashFilm)

Charlotte Ross Hollywood Hotness (Ehowa)

The Many Faces Of Kristen Wiig (HuffComedy)

Find Your Inner 12 Year Old With ‘Battleship’ (Movieline)

Girlfriend Ginger Beat Down (ForkParty)

The Hottest Cake Designs Ever (Gunaxin)

Jonah Hills Funniest Moments (NextMovie)

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Pics Leaked (Coed)

The Greatest Unofficial Angry Birds Trailers Ever (Guyspeed)

The Sexiest Women of Partying (TotalProSports)

The Best Series’ On Netflix Instant (WarmingGlow)

Courtney Stodden ISN”T 17 (NSFW)



Caption This Pic And Win A ‘Fright Night’ Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack… And Some T-Shirts

Friday, December 9 by

Time to win some free stuff, bitches!

If you think this scene isn't soundtracked by an ironically hard-core rap song, you're a fool. A damn fool.

The ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ Trailer Might Not Be Targeted Towards Men

Friday, December 9 by

I feel like I just gave birth by watching this trailer.

Spies shouldn't wear tweed. No one should, for that matter.

7 Spy Movies That Make Espionage Boring

Friday, December 9 by

I spy with my little eye… a really shitty movie.

Behold, a chilling vision of things to come!

Minority Report In Real Life? (Infographic)

Friday, December 9 by

Tom Cruise already watches me when I sleep, so I could care less.

And Will Be Rebooted Within The Year

Friday, December 9 by

Dust in the wind...

The 7 Shortest-Lived TV Shows Of 2011

Friday, December 9 by

We hardly knew ye.


I Wrote My Review Of ‘New Year’s Eve’ While On The Toilet

Friday, December 9 by

It’s bad, man.