Gif Recap: ‘Wilfred’ – Happiness

Friday, June 24 by

A man befriends another man who just happens to wear a dog suit.


What’s Playing This Weekend? (June 24th)

Friday, June 24 by

What’s playing this weekend? Glad you asked.


Review: Cars 2

Friday, June 24 by

Pixar’s second worst movie. Boring, stupid, and full of bad creative decisions.


We’re Getting A New Spy Franchise Courtesy Of Paul Haggis

Friday, June 24 by

He’s adapting the Gabriel Allon books by Daniel Silva. I wonder if he’ll have a role for Ludacris.


Will Smith Wants Emma Thompson To Write Gangsta Version Of ‘Annie’

Friday, June 24 by

This is going to be so hood.

War Games

‘King of Kong’ Helmer, Trapped In The 80′s, Reboots ‘War Games’

Thursday, June 23 by

In this one, a game of ‘Angry Birds’ will expose all the covert ops we have in hostile nations.


Charlie Sheen Mask Is Terrifying

Thursday, June 23 by

Why does this exist?

Screen shot 2011-06-23 at 5.12.41 PM

Rob Cohen’s ‘Bullet Run’ Has Everything You Need To Know In The Title

Thursday, June 23 by

It’s like ‘Gosford Park’, but with fast cars and machine guns.

Screen shot 2011-06-23 at 4.50.15 PM

‘Captain America’ Trailer: Still No Sympathy For Nazis

Thursday, June 23 by

As long as we have him on our side, we’ll be ok. Except in jungle warfare. Then it’s really anyone’s guess.


James Wan To Frighten You With ‘The Conjuring’

Thursday, June 23 by

Based on the true story of a Rhode Island family and the haunted hijinx that nearly killed them.


Casting Round Up: Williams, McAvoy, And Wilkinson Are Priests, Robbers, And Villains

Thursday, June 23 by

Robin Williams will be starring in ‘Patch Adams 2: The Heart Beats On’. Just kidding. I hope you haven’t already smashed your computer.

Jack-Nicholson departed

In Honor Of ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s Arrest, 11 Classic Depictions Of Gangsters In Cinema

Thursday, June 23 by

In honor of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s arrest, here are 11 classic depictions of mobsters in cinema.


Comic-Con 2011: Showtime And FX’s Parade Of Shows

Thursday, June 23 by

All of your favorites will be in attendance.

Rachael Harris and Matt O'Leary in Natural Selection

LAFF Review: Natural Selection

Thursday, June 23 by

A beautiful performance by Rachael Harris in a terrific first film by writer/director Robbie Pickering.


Sorkin And Krasinski To Give A Famed Hollywood Hotel Its Own Mini-Series

Thursday, June 23 by

I’m looking forward to “Chapter 5: The Lohan Years.”