"Can I tell you a secret? I stole wardrobe from the set of 'Win A Date With Tad Hamilton'."

7 Victims Who Fought Back With A Vengeance

Tuesday, December 13 by

They’ve taken all they can stand.

He really didn't ever stand a chance.

Mike Myers To Milk ‘Austin Powers’ For Sweet, Sweet Broadway Money

Tuesday, December 13 by

It can’t be as bad as ‘Spiderman.’

Full on rapist?

From Self-Absorbed To Sexual Predator: 12 Steps In The Devolution Of Dennis Reynolds From ‘Always Sunny’

Tuesday, December 13 by

Is Dennis Reynolds a sexual predator? It sure looks that way.

That's so Roadblock.

The Rock Takes Over In ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ Trailer

Tuesday, December 13 by

If you look closely, you might be able to see Channing Tatum.


31 Hilarious Screencaps From ‘The Jerry Springer Show’

Tuesday, December 13 by

Someone’s gotta feed the animals.


‘Colombiana’ Training With A Navy Sea

Tuesday, December 13 by

In order to be more like Zoe Saldana’s hot assassin character in Colombiana, America Young went through “assassin training” at the same training center where Zoe learned her moves. Does…

Links Away: Alec Baldwin FTW

Monday, December 12 by


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Now this is what a New York apartment looks like.

Judd Apatow’s New HBO Series ‘Girls’ Gets A Trailer

Monday, December 12 by

I want these girls to challenge the ‘Sex and the City’ girls to a fight.


We’ve Got The Treatment For Garry Marshall’s Next Romantic Comedy, ‘Wedding Day’

Monday, December 12 by

I’m pretty sure this is real.

Ice Cube doesn't really feel like answering any questions about 'The Comebacks' right now. Please sit your cracker ass down.

Ice Cube Returning To Thug Life In FX Vigilante Series, Will Presumably Use His AK

Monday, December 12 by

In the pilot episode, he performs a home invasion on those kids from ‘Are We There Yet?’

Even when history dictates a character will die, HBO still manages to surprise us.

HBO’s Rich History Of Shocking Character Deaths

Monday, December 12 by

If only I could include Carrie Bradshaw on this list.

Bonus: No Shia LaBeouf

A Stop-Motion Animated Shot-For-Shot Remake Of The ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ Intro, Just Because

Monday, December 12 by

Much better than Crystal Skull


‘Sherlock Holmes’ Actress Rachel McAdams

Monday, December 12 by

Rachel McAdams reprises her role as international woman of mystery Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Shortly after her return to Victorian England, she’ll appear in an…

"Familiar is good," the studios chanted. "Familiar is good."

2011’s Highest-Grossing Films Were All Sequels

Monday, December 12 by

And the next two were comic book movies from Marvel.

"Ay-oh. Oh-ay."

Daniel Craig Promises ‘Skyfall’ Won’t Suck Like ‘Quantum Of Solace’ Did

Monday, December 12 by

What’s his excuse for ‘Dream House’?