I don't recall Col. Sanders being in Tolkien's books.

‘The Hobbit’ Finally Gets Around To Casting Billy Connolly

Thursday, February 9 by

Refusing to cut his hair has paid off.

Well, I'm awarding myself Screen Junkies "Screen Cap of the Month."

George Stephanopoulos Finds One More Objectionable Aspect Of ‘Toddlers And Tiaras': GO-GO JUICE!

Wednesday, February 8 by

Reporting a story about ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ is just like giving people an invitation to be angry about something.

Jaden Smith is probably the most exciting new actor in Hollywood.

7 Sequels Of Remakes Hollywood Felt Were Necessary

Wednesday, February 8 by

An unnecessary article discussing unnecessary films. Perfect.

Renner encounters his most feared nemesis - fire safety equipment.

‘Bourne Legacy’ Trailer Does Nothing To Clarify Its Premise

Wednesday, February 8 by

I wasn’t Bourne yesterday. Sorry, I had to say that.


8 Shocking Acts Of Animal Cruelty In Film Production

Wednesday, February 8 by

Times were tough before special effects.


Jar Jar’s Speech

Wednesday, February 8 by

Does this look like a man who watches 'Jersey Shore'? No. No it doesn't.

Even Carson Daly Doesn’t Watch MTV

Wednesday, February 8 by

The first-ever Carson Daly interview that won’t lull you to sleep.

The set just isn't as safe as that of 'Tommy the Cool Mule'

Horses Euthanized On Set Of HBO’s ‘Luck’

Wednesday, February 8 by

The set just isn’t as safe as that of ‘Tommy the Cool Mule’

A lot of people are watching this show. But why?

Why In The Hell Are These 5 TV Shows So Popular?

Wednesday, February 8 by

Who’s watching these shows? Please come forward. I’m not going to get angry, I just want to know.

Links Away: Captain Dickson Interview

Wednesday, February 8 by



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Dancing With The Stars Dream Cast (HuffTV)

20 Epic Spiderman Mashups (Smosh)

The Greatest Speech Ever Made (SocialHype)

Taylor Swift Exposed (CelebJihad)

Arianny Celeste Hotness (CagePotato)

Iran’s Female Ninja Squad (Holytaco)

Niagra Falls Hotties (DonChavez)

Axel Rose Just Turned 50 (JustAGuyThing)

The Perfect New York Steak (MadeMan)

Hottest Babes of The Internet (DoubleViking)

Clive Owen Is Freaky (MovieLine)

Epic Gnocchi Recipe (ModernMan)

Katy Perry Hotness (Ehowa)

Kristin Stewart Hotness (Gunaxin)

Eating Chickens With Peter Facinelli (NextMovie)

Love…Is In The Air (GuySpeed)

Joanna Durhone Lingerie Hotness (TotallyCrap)

The Hottest Giants Fan Ever (TotalProSports)

Minority Reporting 101 (TuVez)


Russell Crowe reacts to Lana Del Ray"s SNL performance.

Russell Crowe Confirms Interest In Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’

Wednesday, February 8 by

And he totally hates ‘Robocop’.

I have some bad news... your date is here.

‘Boardwalk Empire’ To Paz de la Huerta: “L8Rs, Cray-Cray!”

Tuesday, February 7 by

Thanks for the mammaries!

Apparently, some soulless movie exec screaming, "Remember Stretch Armstrong?" doesn't mean it will be a viable movie.

Universal Just Paid Millions Of Dollars To Not Make Movies Based On Hasbro Toys

Tuesday, February 7 by

I’m sitting at my desk, not making a Hasbro toy-based film, and it’s not costing me shit.

Why yes, I ordered the "handsome."

‘This Means War’ Pushes Back Valentines Opening, Nation’s Girlfriends Weep

Tuesday, February 7 by

Geez. That’s too bad.

Look what I found.

The 8 Found Footage Projects That Got It Right

Tuesday, February 7 by

How does ‘The River’ compare?

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