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‘Superman’ Set Photos Aren’t That Super, Man

Monday, August 1 by

This one goes out to our readers that are also fans of dilapidated depression-era agrarian architecture. SHOUT OUT!

Lorne Michaels Sees More ’30 Rock’ With Or Without Alec Baldwin

Monday, August 1 by

The show must go on, even if Jack leaves.


Adam Sandler To Make ‘Three Men And A Baby: The Annoying Version’?

Monday, August 1 by

Oh yeah, and the men are in a polyamorous gay relationship now.


Sam Jackson Can’t Save ‘Arena’ In This Trailer

Monday, August 1 by

Samuel L. Jackson’s character gets the privilege of forcing Kellan Lutz to fight for his freedom. Jealous!


UPDATED: ‘Die Hard 5′ Could Really Use A New Director

Monday, August 1 by

Noam Murro has a schedule conflict.


Love Hurts Like A Bitch In ‘Like Crazy’ Trailer

Monday, August 1 by

The Sundance sensation heads to theaters October 28th.


Gif Recap: ‘Breaking Bad’ – Open House S4E3

Monday, August 1 by

Jesse’s party pad is getting a little out of control. By “out of control,” I mean it’s a meth-head flop house.


‘Awkward’ Star Ashley Rickards Loves Both Ghandi And Daria

Monday, August 1 by

She’s also a big fan of Beavis and Butt-Head.

Photo of Alcide

Gif Recap: ‘True Blood’ – I Wish I Was The Moon S4E6

Monday, August 1 by

Sookie and Eric finally do the deed.

Bane’s To-Do List

Monday, August 1 by

The question is…what’s he picking up at the pharmacy?


Ashley Rickards

Monday, August 1 by

Ashley Rickards stars in MTV’s new series, “Awkward.”


Batman & Bane Beefing In ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Pics

Monday, August 1 by



Mike Judge Says Beavis And Butt-Head Will Review ‘The Human Centipede’

Monday, August 1 by

He also offers up some other spoilers.

Fat Mac

It’s A Fat Mac Attack In New ‘Sunny’ Season 7 Trailer

Sunday, July 31 by

‘There’s more to life than piles of food’.


‘Jackass’ Director Reveals Details On Ryan Dunn Tribute

Sunday, July 31 by

Van surfing might finally see the light of day.