Links Away: Anything’s Possible with Nic Cage

Friday, February 17 by

99 Problems In Film (EM) from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

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22 Epic Facebook Timeline Photos (Smosh)

Welcome to Japan’s Rabbit Cafes! (SocialHype)

Kate Upton 2012 Swimsuit Pics (CelebJihad)

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Bad Faceplant After Ski Jump (TotallyCrap)

Natalie Gulbis In Hot Paint (TotalProSports)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you (possibly) Israel Thornstein.

British Spy Group MI5 Reveals Charlie Chaplin MAY HAVE BEEN A FRENCHMAN!

Friday, February 17 by

Whatever his name is, he’s no Alex Pettyfer.

It's hard to believe that this show has kept plugging along longer than 'Joe Millionaire' did.

244 FOX Shows That Have Come And Gone During ‘The Simpsons’ 500-Episode Run

Friday, February 17 by

One look at this list, and you’ll think, “Huh. FOX sure has aired a lot of crap.”


International ‘Prometheus’ Trailer Highlights The Dangers Of Being A Spaceman

Friday, February 17 by

I’m starting to feel really bad for the crew of the Prometheus. Not only do they have to travel far from home and those they love, but they also need…

"Mr. Quaid, if you don't stop telling the committee what you'd like to do with our nipples, I will ask you to leave."

Jennifer Aniston And Dennis Quaid Are Going To Star In A ‘Jackie Brown’ Prequel Whether You Think It’s A Good Idea Or Not

Friday, February 17 by

Rob Schneider had a prior commitment.


America Treated To Two New Jenny McCarthy Shows In Development

Thursday, February 16 by

Let’s see…She’s less hot and louder since America last cared about her. Yeah, these shows are good ideas.

"...and that's why it was the best surprise party I'd ever attended."

‘Transformers 4′ Is Going To Have An Entirely New Cast, Says Josh Duhamel

Thursday, February 16 by

Why? Why not?

He poisons them all.

Gus Fring From ‘Breaking Bad’ Has Found His Way To ‘Community’

Thursday, February 16 by

He should have been in the episode about Abed and the chicken fingers.

Yeah...back in the toilet.

6 Recent Instances Of NBC Screwing The Metaphorical Pooch

Thursday, February 16 by

They’re also ball-droppers for those keeping score at home.

You son of a bitch, Tintin.

7 Instances Of Good Directors Choosing Very Bad Sequels And Remakes

Thursday, February 16 by

I wanted to put Gus Van Sant’s remake of ‘Psycho’ on here seven times, but my editor wouldn’t let me.


Exclusive: The ‘Wanderlust’ Red Band Trailer Is Here

Thursday, February 16 by

Watch it.

I've grown accustomed to your face.

Expect Some Cast Shake-Ups At ‘SNL’

Thursday, February 16 by

What up with that?

Links Away: Try and Stay Awake for 7 Minutes

Thursday, February 16 by


LeBron Headlines His Hairline (BuzzerBeat)

‘Revenge’ is back (HuffTV)

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Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pics (Ehowa)

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Brett Ratner and GLAAD (NextMovie)

This Man is Dead Meat (GuySpeed)

Pam Anderson is Back (TotallyCrap)

Natalie Gulbis in Body Paint (TotalProSports)

UFCs Fastest Rising Prospects (CagePotato)

TuVez’s Valentines (TuVez)


I'm fat.

Is Tony Scott Making Vince Vaughn An Action Star?

Thursday, February 16 by

He’s all blows up.

Answers. NOW.

Uggie Will Not Be Attending The Oscars

Wednesday, February 15 by

Aw, hell nah!

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