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Google Going Head-To-Head With Those Bastards From Time Warner

Thursday, February 23 by

First, Kansas City, then, the world.

When Oscars happen to bad movies.

7 Undeserving Movies That Managed To Score Oscars

Thursday, February 23 by

Decent performances, terrible films.

"Girl Crazy"

Watch The First Episode Of ‘Girl Crazy’

Thursday, February 23 by

Written by and starring Elisha Yaffe and Dan Cohen.


7 Cities The Porn Industry Could Move To If It Leaves Los Angeles

Thursday, February 23 by

If this were to happen, I would think the Valley turns into a ghost town in about thirteen days.


‘The Lorax’ Is Brainwashing Our Kids Says Fox News

Thursday, February 23 by

This is Obama’s fault. Somehow.

I can't believe this is actually a thing.

Sacha Baron Cohen And 6 Other Oscar “Controversies”

Thursday, February 23 by

This is a controversy in the same way a “too-soon” Whitney Houston Facebook post is a controversy.

Mr. Kruger

George Costanza’s Boss Tried To Kill Himself

Thursday, February 23 by

Did not see this one coming.

Links Away: Bigfoot Island!

Thursday, February 23 by

Lebrons Epic Alley Oop (BuzzerBeat)

Harry Connick, Jr Returns! (HuffTV)

Rejected ‘My Little Ponies’ Ponies (Smosh)

New iPhone!  With Pepper Spray (SocialHype)

Lindsay Lohan Bends Over (CelebJihad)

Ring Girl Natalie Lawrence Hotness (CagePotato)

Lent Sacrifices We Wont Give Up (Holytaco)

Hot Denver Dancers (DonChavez)

1 in 3 Americans Want Marriage? (JustAGuyThing)

Deron Williams Talks All Stars (MadeMan)

The Hottest Babes On The Internet (DoubleViking)

This Years Oscars in 25 Words (MovieLine)

TV Bars We Wish Existed (ModernMan)

Sara Yasmina Hotness (Ehowa)

Cameron Richardson Epicness (Gunaxin)

Mens Man Crush on Paul Rudd (NextMovie)

Never EVER Bet With Twinkies (GuySpeed)

Crane vs Bridge (TotallyCrap)

Latinos Stop With The Religious Crap (TuVez)



Oscars Ban Sacha Baron Cohen Because They Hate Fun

Wednesday, February 22 by

The Academy must be trying to set some sort of record for how terrible and self-important an organization can be.

American Reunion

Break Out The 90’s Rock: ‘American Reunion’ Trailer

Wednesday, February 22 by

They’re back and man are they ever….they’re back.


Like Rihanna, Here Are 7 Movie & TV Characters Who Never Learn

Wednesday, February 22 by

They like to walk on the razor’s edge.

One Ring To Decepticon Them All

Wednesday, February 22 by

Their restrooms are in high demand.

Hooray For Hollywood: Del Taco Toilet Tussle Ends In Broken Bones

Wednesday, February 22 by

At Del Taco, you can get fries with your Mexican food…and a broken arm.


In Honor Of Ash Wednesday: 24 Ash Williams ‘Evil Dead’ GIFs

Wednesday, February 22 by

Hail to the King, baby.

Billy Crystal Covers Oscar Statue's Eyes

Plan Your Pee Breaks Now: 7 Boring 2012 Oscar Moments To Avoid

Wednesday, February 22 by

It’s important to stretch your legs.

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