Links Away: (Fake) World War Z!

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Facebook Is Judging You (Holytaco)

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Epic Contra Sweater (Unreality)

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Epic Royal Tenenbaums Poster (SlashFilm)

How To Retire At 55 (MadeMan)

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Nicaragua Helps Gaddafi? (TuVez)

Zoe Saldana Hotness (MovieLine)


"I don't wanna hear Sixpence None the Richer!"

Enough, Already: 9 Songs That Are Wildly Overused In Film

Thursday, August 25 by

This list could constitute a ten year-old’s playlist for two years.


7 Lesser-Known Celebrity-Owned Restaurants

Thursday, August 25 by

Check out these celeb-owned off-the-radar establishments.

A little "on the nose," don't you think?

Instead Of David Arquette, These 9 Actors Should Sign On For ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Thursday, August 25 by

Because we’re tired of watching happy, attractive people dance.

'Treme' actor Michael Showers

‘Treme’ Actor Michael Shower Found Dead In Very ‘Treme’ Fashion

Thursday, August 25 by

Life imitating art, imitating life. An unnervingly meta tragedy.


Time To Check Jim Carrey’s Basement For Emma Stone

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Shantel VanSanten

Thursday, August 25 by

Shantel VanSanten gets creepy in ‘Something Wicked.’

Enough already, damn it!

George Lucas’ 8 Most Irritating Changes To The ‘Star Wars’ Films

Thursday, August 25 by

Enough already, beard-o!

He's in drastic need of an ear tuck.

A Makeover, Yoda Got, For ‘The Phantom Menace’ Blu-Ray

Thursday, August 25 by

George Lucas couldn’t just leave it alone.

They really were impressive brownies.

Every Musical Guest That Ever Appeared On ‘The Simpsons’

Thursday, August 25 by

That’s 72, by our count…which is probably wrong. At any rate, it’s a lot.

World's Best Author Photo

In Honor Of Dick Cheney: 9 Videos Of Hollywood’s Best Heads Exploding

Thursday, August 25 by

The former vice president’s memoir is going to make Washington reenact ‘Scanners’.

Links Away: Epic Portal Time

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Badass MMA KO (TotalProSports)

Haileys Hideaway Hotness (GorillaMask)

Hot Ring Girls Amii Glove (CagePotato)

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Nifty Nicktoon GIFs (Smosh)

How To Cook A Placenta (Holytaco)

Victoria Justice Reveals Bikini Body (CelebJihad)

Extremely Cute Girl Cosplay (Unreality)

The Hottest Girl You’ll See Today (DoubleViking)

Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy International Trailer (SlashFilm)

Dennis Leary Drinks…Coffee (MadeMan)

The Very Own Batmobile (EHowa)

The Chew: Better Than The View (USAToday)

How To Give Yourself The Best Shave Ever (MadeMan)

Rashida Jones Hotness (Maxim)

The Best Gloria Pratchett Quotes Ever (WarmingGlow)

Visual Comparisons Of The Elder Scrolls Games (GameFront)

The Best Borges Short Stories (TuVez)

Guy Pearces Best Movies (RottenTomatoes)


Steve Jobs via 'South Park'

So Long, Steve Jobs; Here Are Five Videos We’ll Remember You By

Wednesday, August 24 by

What better way to say goodbye to Steve Jobs than with five hastily compiled videos?

Watch your back...

These 6 Movie Characters Will Steal Your Girlfriend

Wednesday, August 24 by

Accept your fate.

Gone, but not forgotten...

Too Soon: 9 TV Shows That Shouldn’t Have Been Canceled

Wednesday, August 24 by

We pour a sip out on our DVR’s for these brilliant but canceled shows.