A stranded model.

Gif Recap: ‘True Blood’ – If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’? S4E3

Monday, July 11 by

We had no idea that Eric could smile.

E.T. Cat Is Not Amused

Monday, July 11 by

It’s a rough life when you’re hiding out from the government.


New ‘Tintin’ Trailer Proves Mo-Cap Doesn’t Have To Suck

Monday, July 11 by

Zemeckis, take notes.


First Ridiculous Look At Al Pacino In Phil Spector Biopic

Monday, July 11 by

I was expecting silly wigs but silly mustaches too? It’s an embarrassment of riches.


‘King Of Kong’ Documentary Remake Is Getting The Documentary Treatment

Monday, July 11 by

The cult hit will soon be the cult hit mockumentary.

He's got a gun!

Inspect 2 New ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows’ Posters

Sunday, July 10 by

Perhaps these posters contain a clue…


‘At Swim-Two-Birds’ Director Shocks Everyone By Casting Michael Fassbender

Sunday, July 10 by

It’s more Irish than a potato famine.


Watch Trailer For The Sarah Palin Doc To End All Sarah Palin Docs (Hopefully)

Saturday, July 9 by

Weird title, considering she isn’t ‘Undefeated’.

Allison Brie

Comic-Con 2011: Saturday Schedule

Saturday, July 9 by

‘Community’, Coppola, and Kevin (Smith).

Ray Stevenson

Ray Stevenson To Ray Stevenson Up ‘GI Joe 2′

Saturday, July 9 by

A little of that Ray Stevenson feeling, please.

The Game

‘The Game’ Will Fictionalize Douchebag Pick-Up Artists

Friday, July 8 by

Just like the book conveys, if they show this film to 100 women, and one likes it…BOOM! Success.


Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘Paul Blart’

Friday, July 8 by

And Blart thought terrorists were trouble…


Stallone’s ‘Bullet’ Scores Slater And Two Others

Friday, July 8 by

It’s untitled cause middle America can’t handle the awesome imagery of ‘Bullet Through the Head’.

Harris/Lennix Holdup

Henry Lennix Is A ‘Man Of Steel’, Naomie Harris Is A ‘Mrs. Moneypenny’

Friday, July 8 by

Bond gets his mother figure while Superman just gets a distinguished-looking army dude.


…And Now, An Image Of Oin And Gloin From ‘The Hobbit’

Friday, July 8 by

Rumor alert: under their outfits, all the Dwarves wear Spanx.