‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ Actress Rooney Mara

Friday, December 16 by

You can’t see the tattoo in this picture, but it’s there.

He was on TV from time to time, so it's OK for us to write about him.

5 Scathing Obituaries Written By Christopher Hitchens

Friday, December 16 by

Hitchens pulled no punches when it came to writing obituaries.

Way worse than Christopher Hitchens dying.

Here’s Whoopi Goldberg Farting

Friday, December 16 by

The fact that Whoopi doesn’t deny it or play it off is the real crime here. She’s a lady (sort of)! She should be all, “these corduroy pants make the darndest…


Christian Bale Attacked By Ninjas

Friday, December 16 by

The actor was chased and beaten by Chinese security personnel.

Happy Birthday, dead guy!

It’s Only A Ride: Happy Birthday, Bill Hicks

Friday, December 16 by

He would have been 50… and probably would have made a Doritos ad by now.


Cool Beans: Watch The ‘Jack The Giant Killer’ Trailer

Friday, December 16 by

I’m a gigantic fan of this.

Links Away: Patton Oswalt vs Alamo Drafthouse

Thursday, December 15 by


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That's how you get ants.

We’ve Got Five New ‘Archer’ Promos, Just Because

Thursday, December 15 by

That’s how you get ants.

Over the years, over 712 arrests have been made at the ceremony, and R. Kelly has gone on record calling the Golden Globes "too crazy for his tastes."

A Look Back At The Golden Globes’ Craziest Moments

Thursday, December 15 by

An incomplete retrospective on the fast and loose awards ceremony that is the Golden Globes.


9 Stars Who Should Be Detained Indefinitely Without Trial

Thursday, December 15 by

Now that habeas corpus is toast, let’s lock these bastards up.

This ain't so bad!

Join The #HungerGames100 Poster Puzzle Hunt… Or I’ll End You

Thursday, December 15 by

I mean it. Join now, or else.

We'll buy whatever he's selling. After all, he was on 'Growing Pains'.

HBO Still Going Apeshit With New Shows, Gets A Leo Dicaprio Medical/Mafia Drama

Thursday, December 15 by

‘Beat the Reaper’ even has an awesome name. So far this project is batting 1.000.


‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ Actress Paula Patton

Thursday, December 15 by

No relation to General. We don’t think so, anyway.

They look so peaceful, just lying there.

Here Are Your Fairly Predictable Golden Globe Nominees

Thursday, December 15 by

The Oscars Jr. nominees have been announced.

I refuse to "go with it." Rather, I think I'll fight it tooth-and-nail.

The Most Tolerable Romantic Comedies Of 2011 (Based Almost Solely On Speculaton)

Thursday, December 15 by

It’s sort of like ranking genocides in terms of how fun they were. It just doesn’t feel right.