You're dragging me down!

7 TV Shows We’re Giving Up For Lent

Wednesday, February 22 by

It’s Ash Wednesday. Party’s over, people.

Links Away: That Devil And His Crazy Carnival

Wednesday, February 22 by

The Kate Upton Bikini Staring Contest (BuzzerBeat)
Community Returns! (HuffTV)
I Was Brainwashed! (Smosh)
Man Arrested For Eating Kittens (SocialHype)
Megan Fox Bikini Pics (CelebJihad)
The MMA App Buyers Guide (CagePotato)
A Factual Explanation of Fat Tuesday (Holytaco)
Orange County Cheerleading Babes (DonChavez)
Celebrate George Washingtons Birthday! (JustAGuyThing)
Deron Williams Talks Being A Star (MadeMan)
The Hottest Babes Of The Day (DoubleViking)
How To Stop A Pesky Nosebleed (ModernMan)
Kristin Chenoworth Hotness (Ehowa)
The Girls of Mardis Gra (Gunaxin)
J Edgar On DVD….!!!!! (NextMovie)
The Best Price is Right Models (GuySpeed)
A Hamster…Doing Flips! (TotallyCrap)
Natalie Gulbis In Body Paint (TotalProSports)
Chris Arreola vs Don King (TuVez)

Nick Offerman Is The New Rainn Wilson; Joins Diablo Cody’s ‘Lamb Of God’

Wednesday, February 22 by

Ron %&^*ing Swanson.

It will be whatever the opposite of 'Ratatouille' is.

Guillermo Del Toro To Freak Kids Out With CGI Epic ‘Day Of The Dead’

Tuesday, February 21 by

Expect nightlight sales to skyrocket in the wake of this film.


Good News: NBC Brings Back ‘Community’ – Bad News: It’s Up Against March Madness

Tuesday, February 21 by

Pop! Pop!

It's like the Oscars on welfare, which isn't actually a bad thing.

The Independent Spirit Awards (AKA The Hipster Oscars) Explained

Tuesday, February 21 by

If Billy Crystal found his way to this awards show, they would shoot him on sight.

Barney has more than a passing interest in world politics.

‘Homer At The Bat’ Is 20 Years Young!

Tuesday, February 21 by

“Dar-yl! Dar-yl!”

Party 'til you die.

For Fat Tuesday, Here Are 6 Movie Parties We Wish We’d Been Invited To

Tuesday, February 21 by

I’ll bring the hats and streamers.


Roger Ebert, David Poland Think ‘Titanic 3D’ Looks Like Crap

Tuesday, February 21 by

Is this the death of unnecessary 3D? Please?


We Ranked Nic Cage’s Remakes & Sequels In Order Of Watchability

Tuesday, February 21 by

Why? Because we’re the only one’s with the balls to do it.

The big screen adaptation of 'Home Improvement' really snagged an impressive cast.

WGA Awards Honor ‘The Descendants’ & ‘Midnight In Paris’ As Movies That Were Written

Tuesday, February 21 by

That’s some fine typing, boys.


It’s Toby’s Day In This New ‘Eastbound & Down’ Clip

Sunday, February 19 by

An all-too-brief glimpse into Phase 3 of Kenny Powers


‘Red 2′ Is Apparently Going To Exist, Has A Director

Saturday, February 18 by

‘Red 2: Even Redderer’

I'd definitely buy them underwear.

Michael Bay Forced To Shoot Sequel To ‘Victoria’s Secret’ Commercial

Friday, February 17 by

Suffer the poor artist.

Sheen is such a nice guy, he even gets his picture taken with people he thinks "suck."

Charlie Sheen, As We All Are, Tired Of Pretending Ashton Kutcher Doesn’t Suck

Friday, February 17 by

Tiger blood, and what have you.

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