Watch Darth Maul Get Housed By A Baby

Tuesday, May 8 by

We all have our off days.


‘Argo’ Trailer: Director Ben Affleck Is 3 For 3

Tuesday, May 8 by

With another quality film under his belt, Ben Affleck has put ‘Gigli’ in his rearview.

Yet another deposit made at First National Spank Bank.

Film Moms That Are Worse Than That New Jersey Tanning Mom

Tuesday, May 8 by

Son of a bitch.


Masseur Sues John Travolta For Trying To Sex Him Up

Tuesday, May 8 by

Look who’s talking.

Things could get hairy.

‘Redneck Island’ Is A New Reality Show, And Stone Cold Steve Austin’s The Host

Monday, May 7 by

My spellcheck insists that “Stonecold” isn’t a real word. My spellcheck is cruising for a beatdown. Shit. It doesn’t recognize “beatdown” either.


Adam Yauch’s Most Cutting Edge Projects

Monday, May 7 by

We explore the legacy of the world’s coolest man.


Speakeasy: Paul F. Tompkins Interviews ‘Modern Family’ Star Ty Burrell

Monday, May 7 by

Week 1 of Speakeasy…

Because it's now rated "R," expect this character to be fully nude and ful of racist epithets.

‘Prometheus’ Gets An ‘R’ Rating, Which Is Awesome

Monday, May 7 by

“R” is short for “awesome.”

They're fast, yes. But are they 'Hidalgo' fast?

We Handicap Our Own Kentucky Derby With Movie Race Horses

Saturday, May 5 by

A list for Derby day!


‘Between Two Ferns: A Fairy Tale Of New York’ Puts Images You Don’t Want In Your Head

Friday, May 4 by

Zach Galifinakis asks the tough questions.

Well then why don't you marry it?

Louis C.K. Endorses Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’

Friday, May 4 by

One for the ladies….

"The Aristocrats!"

Before They Assembled: The Avengers Most Embarrassing Roles

Friday, May 4 by

We’re all just trying to keep the lights on.


New ‘Amazing Spider Man’ Trailer Thickens The Plot

Friday, May 4 by

You only thought you knew the origin of Spider-Man…

Pictured: Tim Burton and his personal assistant

Of Course He Does: Tim Burton Compares His ‘Batman’ Movies To Christopher Nolan’s

Thursday, May 3 by

Let’s find something we CAN agree on: Joel Schumacher’s were the worst.

They came from different worlds, but you know what? They made it work. And became friends along the way.

This ‘Perfect Strangers’ Video Game Fills Needs I Didn’t Even Know I Had

Thursday, May 3 by

I could put just about anything here, and you would wrongfully assume it was some obscure ‘Perfect Strangers’ reference. I’m not gonna do that to you.

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